2020 Spring Jamboree

April 17-30th will be our annual spring gathering! There will be gardening, permaculturing, music, earthskills, wildcrafting, bonfires, wholesome food, kids activities, camping, nature walks, and more! Donations always appreciated of food, toilet paper, trash bags, dish washing, cleaning up, tools, anything from our wish list and monetary donations as well! All activities, workshops, camping and […]

2019 update

After 4 years we’re back on the web!Posting live from The Garden! Seriously. We built an office (which got damaged and demolished in a big storm, then rebuilt) and now we can interact on the world wide web without first foraging for wifi. Heres what it looks like. Let’s not forget the days of the […]

2015 Update

The farm is continually progressing! There are chickens, guineas, ducks, rabbits and a pig currently residing on the farm, in addition to the humans. The garden has been much expanded and is producing more squash than we know what to do with! Produce such as beans, squash, cucumbers, jalepenos, herbs and soon to be tomatoes […]

Mid-July Update!

We’ve been pickling and making jams! Updating our cold storage from two buried barrels to an actual walk-in root cellar! With this new chicken coop we are building, we will soon be able to eat eggs everyday! Dave has been cultivating oyster mushrooms! We built a twenty foot table! Badass! Hi!

July Update!

It is now July and everything is still going amazingly well. There are less people here now than there has been since April but we are kicking ass. The kitchen is well stocked and has been pumping out top notch meals, morale is high and we are getting things done. In the last couple weeks […]

Still Growing

Everyday, we get a little farther. A little more gets planted and more gets built. This is what community looks like. We’ve planted some more later season crops in the lower garden. We also have a cool permaculture garden started in one of the old horse pens. Also, a reminder – there are 9 days […]

It’s Growing!!!

This photo is a little old now. Things are starting to come up in the garden. The Strawberries are getting ripe. Things are happening as they should. Most of the folks on the land are heading to the Cumberland Gap Rainbow Gathering. Some of us need a vacation 🙂 We hope to see much of […]