2019 update

After 4 years we’re back on the web!
Posting live from The Garden! Seriously. We built an office (which got damaged and demolished in a big storm, then rebuilt) and now we can interact on the world wide web without first foraging for wifi. Heres what it looks like.

Let’s not forget the days of the McOffice though..

A lot has happened since 2015. Too much to recount here, so we’ll stick to a 2019 update in a nutshell. The gardens expanded to include a medicinal herb spiral, and gardens outside of the buses on bus row. The battle against the invasive honeysuckle wades on. The annual get shit done party in the spring, as you would imagine, got shit done. Our chicken population grew like crazy with clutches as large as 12 hatched here. Then we had cats, opposums, weasels, hawks, and maybe more hunting our chickens so the chicken population decreased like crazy. We bought a farm truck. We sold food at the farmers markets and from the farmstand. We donated food to the local food bank. We harvested from the abundance of wild edibles on the land. We picnicked at the creek, played music round bonfires, and created art. We practiced non-violent communication and held classes in the schoolhouse. We had a fall gathering where land was cleared for a new community cabin. We experienced heat waves and droughts and a tornado warning that turned into a straight wind which took down the office. We ate strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, goji berries, peaches, pears, apples, persimmons, passion fruit, asparagus, sunchokes, all from the land. We cultivated, ate, and shared a shit ton of shitake mushrooms. We joined Instagram. A baby was born here. We were a base of operations for the nonprofit The Peoples Projects to meet at, organize, and work fundraising events from. What a great year it’s been so far!

As winter approaches we’re gearing up for longer nights, colder weather, and more downtime.