July Update!

It is now July and everything is still going amazingly well. There are less people here now than there has been since April but we are kicking ass. The kitchen is well stocked and has been pumping out top notch meals, morale is high and we are getting things done. In the last couple weeks we have built a farm stand at the front of the land in order to fund more garden stuff and provide people with a place where they can sell there art, crafts and goods. We are working on a big pumpkin patch along with a lot of other fall crops and have been picking black berries for jam, wine, and pancakes. Some of us saw a building being torn down and stopped to ask about the scrap building materials, not only did we end up getting a ton of blocks and other stuff but the contractor told us he would let us know whenever he has free stuff we can have ……so that’s cool.

SU&GI early summer 885

SU&GI early summer 818

SU&GI early summer 882