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ENCOURAGE. INSPIRE. EMPOWER. Are you a farmer, artist, construction worker, musician, writer, mechanic, cook, welder, dreamer, visionary? Are you not happy with the state of the world and society? Do you feel you have answers? Are you looking for inspiration? SHUT UP & GROW IT IS HAVING AN END OF THE SEASON EVENT and we’d love for you to come! At Shut Up & Grow It we believe that through connecting with others that dream of a better world we can better facilitate the changes we’d like to see. SU&GI is a family oriented free flowing collaborative land project with infinite potential. We are committed to changing the world and dedicated to doing the work necessary. It’s been a really productive year thus far and there’s still a need for help in order to finish projects and maintain momentum. We strive to help people and are a rest stop for travelers, but must maintain a family friendly community oriented environment. Just sayin’.