It has been a good year for the land; maybe the most productive year yet. Although we only grew on a half acre, we ate out of the garden all summer and are still growing some winter crops. A whole lot of amazing people came throughout the season and plugged in. Dreaming of hammy little piglets, we built a pigpen, but the goats happily have claimed it as their own winter homestead instead. The Lotus family brought one pregnant little nanny and bought two more so a herd is in the works! Our friend, Matt, handed us the keys to a farm truck and our awesome neighbor, David, gave us a tiller. Our lives became much, much easier after those two amazing donations! Currently, we are rebuilding the barn that fell in the spring, working on a new kitchen and a second outhouse.  We just got the word of free poop down the road so we will be bringing up truck loads to quadruple planting space and filling it with winter rye.  By next spring, we plan to build a green house and more shelter for people passing through. We hope that lots of people come out next spring and help us take this thing to the next level with growing tons of food and making this place even more bad ass than it already is!