We will be going on a tour in our grease-run bus in an attempt to connect with other people to bring along. We hope this will turn into a giant caravan of people with abilities that help us gain capital in order to help more people achieve self-sufficiency.

We hope to raise $10,000, which will be put into building infrastructure on the Shut Up and Grow It! land. The Shut Up & Grow It! land will then be used as a base of operations for this network, farming, art, and self-sufficient alternatives for those affiliated. If we were to raise more than $10,000, we would make good use of it.

Some of the things that we would like to add as improvements and for convenience are:

farm vehicle
living quarters
bath house
recording studio

We hope to collect donated materials to minimize expenses, however some money will be spent at the discretion of consensus upon our return to the land.