We are going on a free food/music tour across the west coast in order to recruit people for what could be a great movement. Our plan is to build a website that acts as a hub for all free lands across the states, connecting them, and giving people a place to discuss other things, such as free transportation, work/trade living spaces, free food, and more, providing a truly alternative lifestyle. This website will be launched within the next week.


We are a group of individuals traveling to promote an alternative lifestyle and to build a network of like-minded individuals in order to help people establish complete self-sufficiency within their communities. We are seeking people of all trades; including: art, music, sciences, technology, mechanics, medicals, transportation, construction, and more in exchange for free housing, food, and money. Prosperous for everyone.

Our immediate plans are to leave Asheville, NC in mid-December. We are going to the Shut Up & Grow It land for a few days to do minor maintenance; then, we’re heading west on a Free Food/Music tour in order to recruit people, promote the network of non-profits and promote art; while offering transportation of people and cargo for infrastructure.

We are also seeking lands across the country that can act as drop-off spots for various goods which will be picked up by our crew and put to good use.

If you’re good at ANYTHING and want help by using your natural talents and hobbies to help you to help us to help everyone, PLEASE get in contact with us.

We are especially looking for people with too much free time on their hands who would like to join our traveling crew and help organize this massive collaboration of people and resources.

We will be traveling in a bus that can run on used veggie oil, so we are looking for veggie oil and filters during our travels (preferably already filtered).