“Can I play with the Tickens?!?!?!?!?!” says our smallest resident as she points towards the chicken house. We like to oblige. Last week we picked up 17 adorable pullets. This brings our total chicken count to over 30. They are awesome and have already begun free ranging. Sometimes they even follow us around. You can […]

Community Kitchen

The Kitchen is almost complete. It’s certainly operational. We are feeding multiple meals a day. It’s our most well used community space. We could use a bunch of pipe to run water directly to the kitchen, more large pots and other large kitchen gear. I hope when you come to see us that you bring […]

Shit Truck

We’ve been able to do so much with this awesome truck! Thanks for the kick-down, Matt! With every load of manure, we can grow a little bit more. This is literally, “getting shit done.” If you’re interested in being awesome like Matt, you can help us actively defend freedom from consumerism too, please check out […]

        It has been a good year for the land; maybe the most productive year yet. Although we only grew on a half acre, we ate out of the garden all summer and are still growing some winter crops. A whole lot of amazing people came throughout the season and plugged in. Dreaming of hammy […]

Farm Truck Mission

WE GOT A FARM TRUCK! 2000 F-150! FOR FREEEEEE!! Now we’re capable of so many more things. We’re gunna get all the everything cleaned up, scrap metal run, dump runs, soooooo much dirt!! The entire Chicago truck mission went flawlessly. Better than we could have envisioned, for sure, and we’re tryin to keep that momentum […]