Circus of Purpose  – a traveling entertainment troupe of community builders and event facilitators which aims to energize a cultural shift towards a positive new world

Beehive Design Collective  a grassroots art, education, and organizing collective that produces illustrations on social and environmental issues.
HermitCrafts  a nomadic crafter inspired by earths beauty and focused on community engagement.
Free Range Strange an upbeat, down to earth band, also our friends
Blubop Fandango – An amazing percussionist and Banjo picker come together to make Banjo/Jazz/Jam to Move Your Soul

Dirty River Arts Collective – some traveling kids we met who make great music!

Turncoat Collective – these kids helped us plant and construct, plus, they play music.

Cowboy Starr – One of the great musicians connected to the land.

Free food664_1000_movement_painting_h.jpg
Food Not Bombs hundreds of autonomous chapters sharing free vegetarian food with hungry people and protesting war and poverty.
Sisters Camelot  gives out free healthy, organic, whole foods twice a week throughout the Twin Cities, transforming a waste stream into a resource
Food Is Free Project a worldwide movement of people growing and sharing food freely, and connecting with your neighbors by planting a front yard garden or sharing your harvest with a #foodisfree table.
Stockpot Kitchen a collective of progressive, forward thinking individuals that gather and travel together with the purpose of feeding and supporting everyone, everywhere.

Fat Kids Kitchen -a traveling free food kitchen with the mission of feeding the homeless all over the country

disaster relief

altruist relief
Altruist Relief    help the disadvantaged, the impoverished and those in emergency situations by providing the basic necessities of existence, relevant education, and the tools of empowerment for those in need while maintaining a practice of radical transparency and radical efficiency
Mutual Aid Disaster Relief a grassroots disaster relief network based on the principles of solidarity, mutual aid, and autonomous direct action
American Rainbow Rapid Response providing a comprehensive response to the mass care needs of individuals affected by large-scale disaster through in the most accepting, neutral and healing space possible.
rcl costa rica.jpg
Sage Valley a community space, an ecovillage, a farm, and an education center in Southern Indiana.
Arc 38  grounded in activism, sustainability, agriculture, building networks, spirituality, philosophy and radical pacifism, ARC 38 strives to embody a living experiment in community building 2 hours from NYC
Cambia  a small egalitarian community in rural Virginia focused on aesthetics, culture co-creation, art, and land restoration using Permaculture.
A Place of the Heart a small community in Eastern Tennessee dedicated to the spiritual awakening of humankind, organic gardens, a fruit orchard, and the development of a peaceful, prayerful, and thankful existence.
Alternative Rainbow Crystal Land Network a network of open and ownerless communities true to the ideals of the rainbow family of living light gatherings- openness, equality, and tolerance
Interblossom a newly formed organically evolving land project in North Central Florida. aspiring food justice farm, nature school, and artist collective
Gnarly Gnome Collective artist collective in Eastern Tennessee specializing in repurposed woodworking and construction and stone masonry
Nomads Land a creative Christian community that outreaches to the nomadic community, homebase of the Rainbow kitchen Jesus Kitchen
Hostel in the Forest a center which promotes and teaches environmental sustainability, while also serving as a spiritual retreat, and Hostel for international and domestic travelers.
East Wind an income sharing, egalitarian community with values of cooperation, nonviolence, and direct democracy

past aravanscaravan2.jpg

Peoples Project – community connecting inspirational tour whos maiden voyage of the east coast is starting and ending with Shut Up and Grow It.

Grateful 4 Grace – caravan, which will stop in various cities, farms, and Eco villages. Helping build; food, water, and energy systems that work symbiotically with the ecosystem.

Occubus – Some of our friends connected to the land and the Occupy Movement.
current caravans76926409_10157655790316597_5789659959897620480_o

The Peoples Project really this is multiple caravans, based out of The Garden, helping to create communities based on the values of equality, personal responsibility, autonomy, cooperation, sharing, and environmentalism.