Frequently Asked Questions:
Q:I’m looking to join a community, are you accepting members?
A:We have an open door policy so you are welcome to come check things out! We aren’t like most intentional communities so it’s best to come see how you jive here before packing everything you own and deciding to move here. Check out our visitor process
Q:What should I bring?
A:An open mind and good attitude! Also whatever will help you feel comfortable. Some things people like to bring: pillows, blankets/sleeping bag, sleeping pad, flashlight/headlamp, sun hat, winter hat, work gloves, their special set of cooking knives, etc.
Q:Can you tell me more information?
A:We’re happy to answer specific questions!
Q:Can I bring my pets?
A:Cats are not allowed on the land. Dogs must remain on a leash or in a designated dog area. We have free range chickens, unfenced gardens, and wildlife which we love. We also have all kinds of pets and pet owners come and have to treat everyone the same, so even if your dog is a good dog it still has to be on a leash. Also please take care of fleas before getting here!
Q:Is there a place for me to stay?
A: Yes! If you won’t be bringing a vehicle, tent, or tarp, we have 5 converted buses, 3 small cabins, and a community cabin. So you might be bunked up with others (especially in the colder months) but there is plenty of space here!

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  1. Hello to you lovely bunch, and thank you kindly for your time in regards to my inquiry. I sent a message on the face book I believe, but then found your webpage and found this place to comment. So I was just wondering if you were still accepting visits for people who would want to join your community. I was looking into east winds but am off put by the drugs and heavy day drinking. I’m not saying it’s wrong, it just seems like you foster a time and place for it. I am not sure what information you need from me, but I am an open book( or audio book for those who have trouble with sight) 🙂 I’m so glad to see humans who still see the earth as part of them, and act as part of the environment, not better than and destroying it. Sending much love and good energy your way, JC Staley

  2. I just watched a video about your community. The video was obviously trying to smear and give a negative impression of your community with words like “cult” and the general tone and several allegations. I think the worst was the cat-eating thing… I watched 3 more videos and honestly, it doesn’t seem like you are doing anything wrong. I really really watched and tried to find the secret evil you guys are hiding…..just wasn’t there. In fact, I think what you’re doing is wonderful and smart and gravely important (however, I don’t like the scarecrow – I’m Black, I think the “afro” wig makes it seem racial, dah…but that doesn’t out-weigh the good you are doing there). I think our system is designed to discourage independent living and community. Things like eating clean grown food, touching earth with our bare feet, being physically together in groups actually speaking to each other (not on an iphone or computer), all this goes against everything our worlds “controllers” are trying to do – it makes it hard for them to control us… so they have to give you a bad name, discredit and create an atmosphere of distrust and skeptisism. In this case, I think the bad press is a sign you are doing something right. I don’t want to join or anything, as embarrassed to admit this as I am, I am honestly just too lazy and a bit too much of a coward and too accustomed to my life of comfort, cleanliness to actually put my deepest truest beliefs to the test, but it doesn’t stop me from at least acknowledging when I see people doing it right. That’s what I see you guys doing. Well done. Keep it up!!!
    Neo: “Why do my eyes hurt”
    Morpheus: “Because you have never used them”
    Take care,
    Rhonda 11:11

  3. Hey I just watched something about your community on vice. I just wanted to say that what you’re doing is wonderful and I think that people should just mind they’re own business. I’m proud of you all for having the strength and willingness to be stewards for the planet and for each others souls. You are the good guys and in a world full of evil most people can’t see a good thing when it’s right in front of them. You all have a wonderful day and good luck this spring with your plant babies! May the green thumb be with you!

  4. I’m interested and would like to know if I can visit! I live in Knoxville now, have a vehicle and would love to come check it out for a few days. I have tenting stuff. Been looking for something similar for a couple years.

  5. I’m interested in your community. My name is John Malcomb. I 53 years old and I’m from Indiana. I was wondering if you may have a place for me to stay for a moment to see what life’s about there? I’m looking towards June or July to pack a few things and head that way if it’s okay? I have many skills and happy to earn my keep and do what I can to help others.
    Thanks for your time and consideration.

  6. I just posted a comment, but it never showed up on this site. (Trish Guterez) Tehachapi, California

  7. Looks like you have already started your vegetable garden. If Home Depot is within a 1 hour drive to Nashville, I could send you a gift card to Home Depot so you can pick out the seeds or garden plants you need. Is my son, Philip (Flutetramp) there yet? (Philip’s mom, Trish who works at Home Depot here in Tehachapi)

  8. Thank you for hosting this space.

    I was wondering if possible to visit here. 513-264-7437 Thanks so much!

  9. Hi my name is andrew and I recently lost my folks and my wife and i really need break from life and rediscover myself and was wondering if I could come out there and take a break… I have my own income and many skills relating to living off the land hunting building. I’m very friendly and looking forward to hearing from you I can leave as early as march 3rd

  10. Hi my name is Andrew and I was wondering if I could come hang out. I recently lost both my folks and my wife and just need a break. I have an income and grew up living off the land and have many useful skills. Please and thank you. I could leave as early as march 3rd

  11. I spent three nights and two days at the Garden in December (2022). It was truly memorable! I realized quickly I have a great deal to learn to successfully live off the grid. My thanks to those who currently live there who welcomed me in, fed me, and shared with me their amazing stories of resiliency, determination, and hope. I will return to that place in the future if it is meant to be. Wish to all those who came before and after much love, peace, and prosperity! -J

  12. I truly wish to convey my deepest appreciation and love for that in which you bring unto this world, enriching the potential for absolute freedom of self, for all! It’s a beautiful thing you are doing. I watched the Vice episode on “The Garden”, which inspired further research and inquiry. What you have created and sustain through an inclusive ideology and sense of community is “magical” to me, for simply the lack of a better word. I am personally grateful for your existence. Thank you!

  13. Hi I am not necessarily as removed from society as you are, but I admire many of your principles. I was wondering if I could be there as a temporary for a year or so just to get my bearings on life. I am 18. I dream to set up a community for older children in the foster care system to thrive and believe I could learn a lot.
    Also do you have problems with outsourcing materials like concrete or components for an aquaponics system? As in me paying for it and bringing it to the community?

  14. How are disputes and conflict handled and consequences? What about medical emergencies? Has anything like rape fights theft accured … what would you consider the crime rate to be? What are the downsides other than being without the comforts and luxuries, that wouldn’t usually featured about the garden?

  15. Hello i am on my way in your direction and wondering if anyone is leaving with room in their vehicle for the gathering in Colorado? I know its last minute… Either way i will be to you on or around the 28th hopefully!

  16. i got a 96 jeep i could donate to live there i am also skilled at just about anything no shit i’m autistic i’m only 34 my minutes away but i need help to get there i also have a guitars and basses to give away i’m tied of society please give me a number to call i don’t even care if i get to stay but it seems this may be the only place i would fit in perfect

  17. Hello friend. I’m inter9in coming to visit with my children and husband. Is there room?

    1. I spent three days and two night at The Garden in the middle of December (2022). It was truly memorable. My thanks to those who were living there who welcomed me in to eat with them, help out when able, and to visit. I will return to that place in the future if it is meant to be. Wish to all those who came before and after: much peace, prosperity, and love! -J.

  18. Where can I find info on your community guidelines. And are you still accepting visits ive heard thing have been rough.

  19. Can I trailer some of my farm animals with me to stay? Also what are the rules on self defense weapons?

  20. Me and my boyfriend are sleeping in the car with our two dogs and we need place to stay he can get job but he need place to put me and the dogs

  21. How do I get there if I am not driving? I was going to take a grey hound to Tennessee but what do I do from there Uber?

    1. Tennessee is a pretty big place. Did you mean Nashville? If you think you can get an Uber in Nashville to take you 60-odd miles and can afford it, why not? Or if you want to practice “roughing it”, you could hitch-hike. Or… maybe Greyhound goes to Lafayette. It is the county seat, after all. Did you mean Lafayette? Then you could catch a cab, maybe. Although it is only nine miles from Lafayette city centre to The Garden. You could walk, sweetie. Or were you hoping someone would come pick you up?

  22. The Garden sounds like my kind of place. Freedom from the corporate treadmill, freedom from a society that endorses your learned helplessness. In a place like the Garden, I could work for my own living and make art as I see fit. I could just be 100% me and have faith that other people won’t hate me for it.

    Anybody that’s ever genuinely struggled with their place in society should believe in a community like this, not rip it apart for internet fame. The people targeting this place with hate without truly knowing anything about it should be ashamed.

    The worst part is, there’s groups out there that really do want to hurt and control people and are actively doing so as I type this (Jehovah’s Witnesses, Latterday Saints, etc). Where’s the mass internet hate for them? Are they just not trendy enough for these kind of haters? They’re such leeches.

    You guys keep doing what you’re doing. Love one another and work hard, regardless of what online personalities say. You’re doing a good thing and the people out there that need to hear your message are hearing it. Hope you guys reopen sometime, I’d love to bring my boyfriend for a visit.

  23. I seen your free bus on video, I don’t really believe in throwing away clothes. With that being said have clothes from kids, men and women. There also may be some kitchen items as well need to get rid of in hopes to exchange for garden tips. I want to start a patio garden for now but I want to retire to a farm feel I need some pointers. No hate vibes at all just wan to learn. Food now days is over loaded with preservatives and I love cooking from scratch which always taste best with natural items. Do have receipts as well to share and home remedies. Keep doing what you all are doing. Sending love from Texas.

  24. They tried to make these people out to be cultist but im from hawkins tn these people are more naturalist they arent a cult i just needed to say that after seein so much crap piled on them god bless garden

    1. I totally agree. I have more questions on the stability of these tic toc haters that have negative opinions about the Garden.

  25. I am planning on visiting this Spring or summer. Can you tell me if you are accepting visitors since I heard you were closed due to the threats from these horrible TicToc people. Email me at or text me at 215 680 1548. Ron here

  26. I think your vision was statement was wonderful. The Garden should still be open to the public as was in the past. I actually viewed these TicToc videos from these crazy TicToc people saying the Garden was a cult. Most of these TicToc people appeared to be scarier that the good people that lived at the Garden. I pray to God that your community is opened up to the public again

  27. I just wanted to say I saw the Vice documentary and I think all the weirdos coming after you guys just attack what they don’t understand. I think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with what you guys are doing and I think what you guys are doing is amazing. I just wanted to give you guys a shout-out of support. Til Tok is a cesspool and the absolute worst place for mature adults to have an actual discourse. All the criticism is invalid or coming from a bad place. Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t listen to the haters.

  28. Though you require no notice for visitation I wish to announce I will be visiting and arrive on the 20th. I am 23, male from south Georgia. I have been longing to live in symbiosis with nature and to move on in my life. Hopefully after ten days I could be a fit with the approval of the community. I respect and honor the vision, I would be grateful to contribute to such a community and to learn and connect more with mother earth and with humanity.
    The way I see the direction of our world going, communities like this are vital.
    At the least I see this visit to be a great opportunity and a new experience. When I arrive I would like to make myself useful in any way I can. I feel rather strange arriving in a place at the kindness of others who do not know of me, I will contribute generously. Peace

    1. Is the commune open. I was planning on visiting in the future, but I heard the Garden was closed to the public. Text me at 215 680 1548 of any updates. Ron here.

  29. HeyNow!
    My name is Kathryn. We (Apollo (my dog) & I) are trying to move closer to my two little girls whom resides in Damascus Virginia. We would be coming from Fl, with a pull behind camper. No vehicle as of now. May change. My family member would be tow/bring us up there. I don’t think I want to be in VA, or I’m really not sure. Just a free way and don’t want to miss my chance to be that much closer to them. We would coming in January sometime, and with amazing (not very smart) over loving Catahoula mix, & a strong hard loves to learn, could use some kind hearted people. Not sure what you must be thinking but I know I would run hearing all this. Lol
    My phone number is (352) 534-1045
    My name is Kathryn (kat)
    A little lost, but knows where she wants to go!
    Thank you very much for your time!

  30. Hey. I just saw the vice documentary. I like the idea of a place where people’s freedom and individuality is respected. I plan on coming to visit. Thank you for all that you do.

  31. Can’t believe how whiny some people are. They alienate people from society and when folks like us go out and make our own they come and gawk at us. I’m trans so I could never stay permanently without medical care, but I’d love to visit to see for myself this “evil cult.”

    You guys rock. Слава!

  32. Hello. Love what you guys are doing. just saw the VICE documentary. Wondering if you guys are still accepting visitors and potential members. Keep up the good work and good spirits. Much Love.

  33. Y’all should connect with the Taylor Campers from Kauai. I’d love to hear those conversations.

  34. everything you guys have said and done is absolutely amazing to me i truly love the message your bringing out to the world. do you have to be a certain age to come?

  35. I’m from Hawaii, looking in the ocean of sleeping faces for an oasis from Babylon.

  36. I’m a 60 year old Chinese massage therapist and a pretty dope Italian cook. Any room??

  37. Help please. We’re the dad and cousin of Pete Tiseo, a long time member of the farm. We’re suddenly not able to get in contact with him. Please reach him if u can and tell him to call his father and cousin Francesca, he has the #’s. We’d so appreciate if u could pass this along, thank u so much 🙏🙏 love and light 🌈

    1. Do you guys love Trump, Obama or Biden? I know they are not all the same though what direction is the general vibe?

  38. Hi my name is Chloe, I love what you guys are doing. Your community seems so kind and tight knit and was wondering if ya’ll are still closed to the public? I would love to take a trip down there and join ya’ll.

    1. We’re open to the public and would live if you visited! The Collect the Collective event is currently going on till the 18th and you’re welcome to come check it out, or visit anytime!

  39. In Alabama woukd like to maybe take a trip out your way in the near future i have a question though, are you requiring people to have the cv vaxx?

  40. Hello! My name is Zeke, and I was wondering if I would be able to stay in your community? I’m pretty introverted, and I love reading and fishing. I also was wondering if you could explain a little bit more about a day in the community.

    1. Come check out and see what the day to day is yourself! It greatly changes depending on what you want to do

  41. Being a older person, hot summer nights would be a concern. I receive ssi and could cover many costs. I lived in the mountains at 7000 feet with no heater besides wood, alone for 7 years and know how to handle stoves in the winter. Summer nights where perfect.
    What is the average age. What is the average. Cost of living.
    Would one be able to come, contribute, for the purpose of saving some income use to future see the world.

  42. Where is this place, how can i be apart of it? I have many skills in gardening, building, a wide variety of skills that would benefit your community. Very peaceful and loving, loyal person. I just dont fit in the “normal” world. Have lived off grid many times

  43. Hello my name is Ethan I just turned 22 I’m from Chattanooga Tennessee and I believe that TheGarden would be a good fit I understand you are going thru a lot with the whole social media aspect of things and are having I wouldn’t say problems or issues trusting people, but one thing if I had to tell you anything about me is that I can be trusted. And I love how your community sticks together thru any situation. I was just worried sick that you guys were going to shutdown or not accept anymore visitors but if I can be that percentage or exception I promise I would put the hard work and dedication that it takes to be considered by council to be able to join a privileged group like yours! Thank-you for your consideration ~Ethan

      1. I think your vision was statement was wonderful. The Garden should still be open to the public as was in the past. I actually viewed these TicToc videos from these crazy TicToc people saying the Garden was a cult. Most of these TicToc people appeared to be scarier that the good people that lived at the Garden. I pray to God that your community is opened up to the public again

  44. Hi all,
    I just watched your story on Vice and was so weighed down with disappointment at the unfair harassment you received that I just wanted to write something positive and encouraging to you all. I love what your trying to do, and even more so that you all are actually doing it and not just talking about it. Keep up the good work, may each harvest be better than the next, and your community go from strength to strength.

    Take care,
    Orepuki, New Zealand

  45. What is the nearest bus station to The Garden? And can someone come and get me from the bus station?

  46. I’ve been following since 2013. There was a very obvious change in the last 2 years. Can I ask what happened? Thank you.

  47. Hey folks. I’m just a good ole country boy from middle TN and just came across your page. It’s great what you’re doing there! Keep it up!

  48. I just read about you. Love what you are doing. Please don’t close. Don’t let evil win. Maybe some day soon, you will be the new cool destination for free spirited families to visit and experience.

    1. Hello, my name is Gage. I live in a small rural town in the Midwest, I moved 45 minutes south from where I was, mainly because of violence and the massive cloud of depression that had haunted me there my whole life. I moved around, camped mainly. Couch surfed. Abandoned houses etc. I threw some dirt top roots here where I am now, I notice every hour how much that cloud is moving in again. I have always wanted to be with a community of like minded people that fit the bill of yourselves.
      In short, I hate who I am and what I cultivate every year I still live in a place with paved roads. I’d love to have a conversation with someone from there via email or video chatting. P.S. No I DO NOT believe with any fiber of my being that you are conducting any type of jonestowne, charlie farm or anything such as that. I Know that you have closed open walk in. As said previous, a conversation is what I’m hoping for at this point in time.
      Yours sincerely,

  49. You are doing what is good. Keep it up but if you really want to succeed please start reading the Bible and start doing what it says.

  50. I recently read an article about how your community was being vilified by a news organization for what you’re doing. My only comment is that you know you’re on the right track when the supporters of the status quo begin to denigrate and attack you. Keep up the good work, you’re awake and on the right path. Just be cautious of the powers that be.

  51. Garden community is such an amazing idea which you made happen just not in principal but in day to day life. You should look into north coast of Dominican republic to setup an additional area . They are open to just about anyone or thing . I moved here a few years ago and it is truly amazing , people, opened to everyone and everything. Plus you have people from all over the world searching for more. Plus all year growing season .

  52. Do you still exist? I can not find you on YouTube anymore. I would like to come if you still exist.

  53. Hey there! I was thinking about sending you guys a fun care package cuz I think what you’re doing is super cool! How often do you guys get packages from people?

    1. Thank you so much Lela! We get packages from people sometimes and would love a care package if you want to send one!!!

  54. My name is Christopher. Native to the Australian bush. My son and I want to be a part of something that isn’t based in greed, power and money. Seems u may be. Would there be a place for us, in a place like yours? I am a 44 year old man. My son is 14 and really wants to pull away from society as it is. We are prepping for walkabout in Florida and would love to stop by and see what your all about, in hopes to stay. Just want to be sure he would be welcome as well givin his age. Thank you for your time.

    1. Howdy Christopher! Y’all are more than welcome to come by anytime, the Garden is a very kid friendly place!

  55. Just saw your story on Vice and my heart is so sad for what you all have been through. It looks like a safe, loving, and beautiful community that you have. It’s sad when people feel they have to do away with something they don’t understand- and don’t even try to understand. Wishing you all well.

    1. I thought the same thing Ashley. I was like how could anyone think that these people who are earth friendly… literally lol, could have nefarious intentions!? They seem like such loving folk!

  56. I just learned about this from the Vice video on YouTube. (I don’t have TicToc). I just wanted to say that I think what you all are doing is truly fantastic. I’ve spent the last 2 years studying politics and philosophy, and hearing about The Garden gave me a sliver of hope for humanity. Seriously, F those smooth-brained asshole clout-chaser Tic-Tockers for shitting on you all. Maybe they’ll open a book someday and learn how dumb they are. That’s all. I’m not coming there or anything, just wanted to tell you all that I think you’re bad asses, and to thank you for inspiring me.

  57. You all will be able to open again after all this has blown over… Best of luck to you, all beautiful souls.

  58. Hey my is Daniel my name is Daniel Whiteman interested in the community I would like to just have a conversation with one of you guys for a little bit I will give you my email address and a little about me I’m a dog trainer I run a small business called Pavlov’s Pooch on very big into psychology I love people I don’t I think that dating anyone is disgusting I think that what you’re doing is awesome the stewardship is so important and people have forgotten that and I just I I think I want to just want to get away from the negativity of society for a while because I keep seeing things getting worse and worse because people are falling into this right-wing Christian extremist attitude and it’s scaring the hell out of me and I did my research on you guys and I thought it was disgusting the way that people thought that you were a cult and you meet none of the criteria because you don’t exercise anything and behavior control information control. Control or emotional control you guys are just taking care of your land and honoring it and not letting anything go to waste and I think that’s absolutely beautiful and I would love to come and maybe be your dog trainer if you have room for that so please hit me up with an email and we can talk on the phone

    1. Thanks for the offer! Feel free to come by at any time and experience being here some yourself

  59. Hi, I am a 37 year old single mom with an 11 year old daughter. I am currently making payments on an old fema trailer and fixing it up. I should have it paid off by the end of summer. I have been watching your site for a couple of years now and it’s exactly what I dream for. I think I could be an asset at The Garden. I am extremely artistic…I draw, paint, tattoo, sculpt, photography, play guitar and I am always doing little projects. I have a green thumb and love making gardens thrive. I can build and use tools. Actually built an entire deck with stairs last week by myself. When my car breaks down, I fix it. Unless it’s something major in the engine, I can most likely figure it out. I’ve always been a natural with mechanics. I’m not afraid to get dirty and work hard. I know you aren’t accepting new members at the moment, but anyway my kid and I could come up and visit for a few days?

  60. We are very sad to hear about the negative response from the online community. Vice did a poor job on this mini-documentary. The Garden is and functions as a community. Most people do not understand that. They do not even know their neighbors. By the looks of the thread on this site, you guys are seeing lots of love despite of the negative from the outside world. Please keep it up. We are hoping to be able to visit for a day in late August, since we will be in Cookeville for the Labor Day weekend! Hope this finds you well.
    ~Russ and Kat

  61. i just stumbled on your story via vice.
    it breaks my heart that your community intention was met with such hatred, and my hopes are that your family recovers quickly. i find so much ugliness on the internet tbh –
    so many narcissistic superficial people, and that culture is diametrically opposed to your goals of sharing. the haters are sick you must see that. be where your feet are. hands in the dirt. trust the universe to meet your needs. be grateful for the lessons that the experience has brought you. it is ok to ask for references, credentials & background checks. there are truely violent malevolent people out there and your precious generous gentle hearts deserve security.
    i am curious to know how would a supporter go about making material donations to check off wish list items for you. i totally resonated with your vibe through the filter of Vice even and wish the best for you all.

    1. I wanted to type this exact sentiment to these people, but I can see that’s a common trend, I hope they’re reading these because it’s apparent so many other people feel the same. I started the video sceptical but left it feeling sick for the poor people who were made out to be something they weren’t. Being a part of the LGBTQ+ community I hated hearing someone use something I’m a part of to justify hate towards a group who wanted nothing more then to spread love.

      If any of the wonderful people at the garden read this – Please keep doing what you’re doing, it’s something the world needs more of. Something my tech addicted self could never do personally hehehe xP

      Keep up the good work you wonderful souls.

    2. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Don’t let the bastards get you down, the world needs more sane places like The Garden. Take courage and keep up the good work!

    3. Thank you so much Prism! Mailing them or showing up to visit with material donations from the wish list would be awesome! We could especially use a couple electric drills and a bunch of number 8 or 10 nails, thanks again!

  62. I believe you are the change that we all need to be…I have dreamed of the garden my whole life and beyond…I live with five friends in bc Canada.’s garden like ..we love and support and do everything we can for each…music and building and growing food together ..and sharing and being loving to each other and everyone ..I just found your YouTube video…I have goose bumps…keep on keeping on..thanks…with love ..Leeroy

  63. Hello my name is Matt Tidwell and I’ve been talking about starting a community like this for years now.. I was watching and interview with one of the men who has part ownership of the land and heard yall assist in project start ups?
    I have a lot of questions cause I have a wife a 3 kids to support but I cant livd in the society or economy much longer.. If possible I’d love a call cause id be typing all day if I asked all my questions 8065166844

    1. We’d love if you came by to visit to ask your questions Matt and see how exactly we can help!

  64. Hey Guys!! My name is Eric, i’m from austria and just the documentary vice did on you on youtube. I just wanna say that i’m so thankful that there’s people out there doing so much to change the world for good. What you guys are doing is what i’m trying to create here in my homecountry, but because of lack of money and real support that’s going to take a while, but i’m still dreaming and planing. Maybe i’ll come and visit you guys when people realize what a wonderful thing you have created. i hope to meet this beautiful place and everyone who helped creating it one day.
    Love and Peace from Austria!

  65. Hey, I absolutely love what you guys do. I am an environmental scientist and live in Perth Western Australia. We have nothing like this. Would you guys be open for me to visit and live off grid totally (due to visa issues).

  66. Just watched a thing about you all on Vice. I am so sorry to see such a beautiful thing being trashed by people who have never even stepped foot there. I truly love what you are trying to do from what I have seen. The freedom of being one with nature and others of liked minds is a beautiful thing. I myself am an inspiring nomad. But responsibility has held me in one spot. My daughter is graduating high schools oom and off to her own life.then my true life can begin. Hopefully by the. Your doors will be open so I can see this beautiful thing you ha e created first hand during my travels. Don’t let the haters bring you down. Stay happy, stay free and stay lovely.

  67. What an inspiring way of life! Don’t let those other people get you down.. we’re going to be starting the van life in a few years and this is definitely a place where we would love to come see on our travels. I hope you keep pulling thru and keep up the wonderful lives you have created, happily and plentiful! Much love!

  68. Hey y’all!
    Just saw the VICE doc on the tik tok/social media fallout. I am so sorry for what y’all have had to face for simply sharing your passionate work for earth and humanity. What an amazing thing tho that the main tiktok “investigator” featured in the doc also had some growth and learning about the impact their words had and the contribution they were making in causing hurt instead of help. Small victory for intentional living, right?
    Y’all stay safe and thriving. Hope to be able to visit when y’all are comfortable with that again.💜

  69. Hello friends,

    I am a Canadian in Alberta that has searched for a true community. I had seen the vice documentary on your group and wanted to do say I believe in what you are doing. The only thing that I know for sure in this life is that hate breeds hate. The love and kindnes you show each other and the earth is what heals.

    ” just because doing the right thing doesn’t work out doesn’t mean it wasn’t the right thing to do”

    I appreciate your time, wish you all the best and hope to meet you in the future.

    1. Thank you, we would love of you came to visit for our Collect the Collective event the first 10 days of October!

  70. What you folks are doing is truly beautiful. You are literally making the world more beautiful by simply being who you are. That person who was filtering negative energies towards your community came across to me as petty, spiteful, & shallow. They truly sicken me and really should evaluate their own lives before trying to contemplate those living lives of higher laws. I honestly would love nothing more than to visit the Garden and meet the wonderful people who live there.

    1. Thank you Brian! The world is a very beautiful place and we would love if you came by to visit anytime

  71. Hey guys! Just saw your video on Vice and just wanted to share my support for you guys. I like everything that you guys stand for and find it cool that there are other options out there to living life. Thank you for sharing your life experience :). I would love to visit someday!

  72. Hey Comrades! I’ll be up in Tennessee in September of this year, and my friends and I would absolutely love to come visit. Do you think it would be possible for visitation to be opened up that month? I really like everything your community stands for, and I just want to see what it’s like for myself. My friends feel the same! I don’t have much money so I can’t contribute that way… but if there’s a community project you need more hands for I’m not afraid to get mine dirty!

    1. Howdy Caden! You and your friends are welcome to come visit anytime, no monetary contributions are needed to visit or stay at the Garden.

    1. You can come and visit to see for yourself where and how you want to help!

  73. I’m a 37 year old single female looking to start a new life. I’ve recently bought a crappy RV that I’m fixing up. Would me and my 10 year old daughter be welcome to at least visit? I am very artistic and have a green thumb. I think we could be an asset to ya’ll as well as vise versa of course.

  74. Good luck. Saw the Vice story and it reminded me of the people that I knew back in the day. Take care of each other.

    1. My name is jayson and i would really love to speak to someone..ive had alot happen in my life to me and have been looking for a different outlook…thank you and cant wait to hear from you!

  75. Just watched the VICE documentary, I am so sorry people said hateful things about you and hurt you. Please don’t give up! We may walk in different worlds but I think what you are doing is special and really important. There will come a day when the knowledge you are gaining will be the continuance of mankind. Grow food not lawns – be cool to each other and I hope you open back up one day I would love to come learn from you and share what little I have learned in 62 years.

    1. We are open now and would love if you came and visited George! I appreciate the words of encouragement

  76. So do y’all make music there? I followed yawls story for a little while. I thought it was real cool. I know y’all had some problems out of people I’m sorry about that. I’ve had problems out of people also for some reason. I would love to communicate with one of y’all and get some more information about yawls community

  77. I wish you all the best. I watched the Vice piece today and they were trying their hardest to sensationalize your commune. It really frustrated me, especially the clickbait cult angle they and that tiktokker were pushing. Hopefully it doesn’t get too popular, lest you get more negative attention.
    I would love to visit, maybe stay awhile, make new connections, and contribute the useful skills I have laboring to help you all build. Or helping in the garden, though most of my plant experience is in hydroponics. Whatever work is needed anyway! So I’m crossing my fingers hoping you all open back up to visitors or temporary residents in the future. At least until this other commune an acquaintance of mine is starting up in CO gets going and they need me there. Again, best wishes, keep at what you’re doing!

    1. Thank you for the well wishes Jamal! We would love if you came by to visit

  78. Hey – I just heard about you today. The hate and the accusations of “controversy” you have been met with, is disgusting. I am happy to see more citizens from the states turn to communial living, there really is nothing else you can do at this point. Best wishes to all of you (and I hope that you have a fantastic day)

  79. Hi there!
    A friend informed me about your group due to hearing about the media exposure you guys received.
    I am a part of a group doing something very similar to you guys. We are nine people living on an 85 acre piece of land in Texas. Six of us will have been here for 2 years in August and we are still working to come up with our procedures, policies, ect.
    At this point our doors are closed to new members until we have better established our protocols.
    I’m seeking connections that can provide advice and experienced views on our situation.
    If anyone there is willing to engage in an email or phone conversation I’d love to have someone to share and learn with and from.
    Hope to visit in person at some point too!

    1. We’d love if you came to visit! We are having an event for intentional community building and networking the first 10 days of October that would be a perfect opportunity to talk to other members of successful intentional communities as well. You can send an Email to if you want to talk more

  80. I need somebody to give me a call regarding some people that are coming to your location from Florida. This couple is wanted for questioning regarding dragging a German Shepherd mix dog from the side of their Chevy Astro van down a public Street knowingly. They also had two small children that were unrestrained in the vehicle when this took place. They would not stop their vehicle while they were dragging this dog until another vehicle sped in front of them and force them to stop. The witnesses at the scene offered to take the dog to the emergency animal clinic to get it treated for injuries which were severe and they refused to let anyone near the dog threw it in the van with the two small children and sped off. That was the only Clinic that was open because it was after hours and all the other vets were closed and it was never brought in for treatment meaning it probably slowly bled out somewhere that night. The people that tried to stop them from dragging the dog are extremely traumatized from the incident there’s a short video clip not of the actual dog I believe it was on the opposite side of the van from the person that was filming but you could hear the dogs whales and screams for help and in pain for on the clip that are animal services director says will haunt him and he’ll never get it out of his head. If somebody could contact me regarding this matter and help me in any way I would appreciate it thank you my phone number is 352-812-8019 the names of the individuals that did this and there are photographs of the blood all over the van and the Bloody leash hanging from the van and their tag number and their pictures but his name is Nathan McLeod and her name is Jerry Wesolowski.

  81. Is the garden still open? I’m very ill and I’m trying to find an alternative to help me be happy and healthy again. I have always wanted to be a part of something like this. I have no way to get there and I only want to stay for a seven day period. I want to get better. I have a ton of knowledge when it comes to botany, carpentry, teaching, gardening, cooking , and I’m very crafty. Please email me.

    1. The Garden is open and you’re welcome to come visit anytime. I wish you good health Kristina

  82. Hi…my husband and I are interested in possibly joining your community, and we would like to visit soon. Is there a safe way for us to do that, or are you still closed to the public? I hope that it will work out, and we will get to meet all of y’all. We are both healthy and chill and will be an asset to the community. We believe we share the same values and general attitude with the group. Either way, we look forward to hearing from y’all!

    1. We would love if you and your husband came to visit Aimee! You’re welcome to come anhytime

  83. I was saddened to hear that the garden has closed. Current events have been leading me to a re-evaluation of Life and I was becoming intrigued with the Garden.

  84. Tree & his stupid TikTok videos are schwagging your place. It’s got everybody on YouTube & TikTok calling the Garden a cult. I know it’s just a Rainbow kitchen farm, but I can only explain that on so many comments sections. Lovin’you family!

  85. What is The Gardens mission statement? I noticed that you don’t have it posted here for people to read.

  86. Hi I am 22 and I have a ten month old I’d be coming from Illinois but I need to get out of an abusive situation.
    Will I be safe? Is there a place for me?

    1. There always a place for people who want out of those situations. Email me if wanna chat.

  87. Why have your patrons blocked so many people asking real questions regarding saftey. Or the factor theres no leader but the man with the wierd hat claims to be the alpha an all donations have to go threw him? Theres be allegations of sexual predators there present around children, demostic voilence by another patron, mutalating of a stray cat an eaten, a dog skinned an made into a torso clothing peice, several people injured in 24 hour time peroid, youve refused some people the right to bring there medication they need. Some of your patrons using drugs an alcohol an yalls rules forbid that, your alpha doesnt follow thr guidelines. I would like these questions an alligations answered.

    1. As we are consesus based and the person stewarding the bank changes regularly, I would say there is no on “alpha”. If you wish to seek the truth I would suggest having an open heart and visiting to help out and talk to the people on the land yourself.

  88. Hello I am an documentary filmmaker. I love real stories and I’ve been fascinated with your Tiktok. Would it be possible to show up for a day or two to film and do a few interviews ?

    1. That is up to the individuals on the land whether or not they want to be interviewed. Anyone is welcome to visit so I would suggest going to the Garden and talking about it there.

  89. Hello! I’ve recently heard about you lot and am fascinated by all that you’re doing. There are loads of rumors so I wanted to just come ask directly because I am very interested in your mission and believe it would be a wonderful experience – I am a transgender male and I am on hormone replacement therapy, I plan to get gender affirming surgeries in the future but do not have current appointments to do so. Would I be accepted on the commune? Would I be allowed to continue the medication I have been prescribed, and would the medical procedures I plan on getting be an issue? Obviously these would be more long-term things, however I’d like to know if someone like me would be accepted and able to at least visit to see if it would be a good fit. Cheers (:

  90. quick question: who owns the land legally? like, obviously the name on the deed can’t be “everyone.” so i’m curious who founded this collective, and what their role is now a days? cause all i see on tiktok are newbie members recruiting people to join. so until an actual organizational figure head can step up and clear the air and be transparent, y’all have a really bad image.

  91. Hi! I live in Watertown. about 45 ish minutes from y’all. I run a good bank out of my home. I give out food every Wednesday. there’s always leftovers of some type. I currently have chocolate chip cookie dough and can biscuits that won’t make it through tomorrow (they’re outside) would anyone from your commune be able to pick them up? there’s also some bread, sweets, crackers and maybe eggs left. This can be done weekly and would be completely free to y’all. My names heather Patterson. Im on tik tok♡ someone can email me or message me on tik tok!

  92. Hi!
    I’m an RV traveler hoping to visit in a few weeks and I’d like to bring gifts. Is the wishlist on your website up to date?

    1. Yes, the wish list on the website is mostly things that the are always helpful to bring!

  93. Hey friends,
    I keep getting called to come. What is the cell service like? I have tmobile so I know in rural areas, i don’t get service.. What about wifi? I’m working on removing myself from wage slavery but it’s gonna take time to stop laboring. I’m a remote worker so I’ll still need to work while I remove the debt associated with me. Please let me know. Thank you! Love and light to you all.

    1. People at the garden have working cell service and wifi of yours doesn’t work you can just ask. In last smummer we got a signal booster in the office and on I’m pretty sure all TMobile phones so far (mine and everyone I knew who used TMobile at the least) got service in the office. The internet is fairly slow at times though. I wish you the best in your Journey

  94. I would love to come by on my next trip to Tennessee and drop some things off. I have limited mobility and use a cane and I’m aware that the ground is far too soft for right now. Would it be best to schedule a drop off before hand?

    1. If you just show up on the land during the day it’ll probably work out, people are basically always there

  95. I’ve always wanted to own a big chunk of property for this sole purpose. To know something like this is so close to me fills my heart with joy. I would love to come see if this is something I could still dream of doing even with a newly developed partial disability. However before making the trip I would like to know if it would be worth it. By that meaning do you have jobs I could contribute my 25 hour work week even on less functional days? And the $10 a week…are there part time jobs nearby to gain employment?

    1. I’m glad you resonate with the vision, it’s a very beautiful place and mission! If you have or do not use money the $10 a week does not apply and we have had community members with MS who have excelled at the Garden. Visiting for a time and seeing how you could plug in would probably be the best way to see.
      Wishing you the best

  96. I was curious if you are having a gathering in light of the pandemic, and if so, when? Are there protocols for social distancing and masks?

  97. I find you all absolutely fascinating and wonder if you would be interested in having a documentary filmed depicting the lifestyle you all live.

    1. My advice is show up to the garden, talk to the people there and you can see who is interested and who isn’t

  98. I have a few questions my husband , I and daughter may want to visit . How many days in advance do y’all need to know if we wanted to come from a Saturday -Monday this spring ?

    1. You’re welcome at any time, there’s no need to say in advance if you wish to visit

  99. I’ve been making plans to absolve myself of student debt over the next couple years and building saving so I could potentially travel and live with communities like the kind you guys have set up. In the meantime, what are the skills and talents y’all would recommend for newcomers to develop prior to living in intentional, low-impact communities?

    1. Hi Riley!
      I would suggest communication skills, an open mind, and an ability to learn and grow 🙂 Of course wilderness survival, permaculture practices, animal husbandry, wild crafting, cooking, etc, are all great skills!
      Thanks for reaching out! Good luck with your loans!

  100. Are you allowed to bring a camper trailer? Where would you send seeds ? I seen them on the wish list and I have lots.

    1. Hi Brenda!
      campers are welcome! We don’t have electric hookups though.
      you can send seeds to
      8967 Galen Rd
      Lafayette TN, 37083


  101. Hello,
    My name is Jenna. I have a friend named Nova who has been traveling the country with her dog Kai. Her plan, the last time I saw her, was to visit you guys. I was wondering if you have seen her? Her family is wanting to check in with her but her phone is now off. Please, let me know if you’ve seen or heard from her! She found you on TikTok and left a few weeks ago.
    I hope you guys are staying safe and warm! I love the idea of your community and wish you guys the best.

  102. Hey, my name is Steven. I’m a musician, and recently found out about this place. I really get the statement, and fully support what you guys are trying to do. I’m intrested in becoming a part of it, and have a few questions.

    So yea, the first one is What would my best course of action (or the correct course of action) as far as joining. I’m looking to become a bit more of a longer resident. Is there an application, or interview process, or what would I do.

    Second question would be about what you guys have musically, and what do you guys need? I seen that a recording studio is something you guys are intrested in, and I think I could help with that.

    The last question is about policies. Where could I get ahold of a way of reading them, or who could tell me about them?

    Thanks in advance, cheers

    1. Hi Steven!
      everyone is welcome to come visit for 10 days. after 10 days if you’d like to stay longer you make a proposal at council. we make decisions through a 100% consensus at council.
      we have a handful of acoustic instruments, and there are individuals here who have their own recording tools. (I’m not musical myself!) We are open to more musical instruments and tools!
      our “guidelines” as we call them are on our facebook, in an album titled “a zine”. the facebook can give you some more info as well about the community 🙂
      thanks for reaching out!

  103. I’ve always felt the way we live is against human nature completely. Sucked into technology, not a thought about slowing down and enjoying this place we call home. Maybe I sound pretentious, or naive, but the way we live crushes me. Every day I wake up thinking, is this it? Is this all there is? I’ve looked into many intentional communities. I love roughing it. Give me a tent and the great outdoors, I would be happy as ever. If I could choose the perfect life it would be one not lived by many anymore. A tent, my dog and a community of like-minded people is all I need. An environment of support and positivity. Are you accepting 2021 visitors?

    1. Thanks for reaching out! We are accepting visitors, come visit anytime Tyiese! Looking forwarding to meeting and sharing space with you.

  104. Hey guys. I have sent an email as well, but I do not think it reached you. I will absolutely, positively, undeniably, be coming to your property in around a week or so. I will, obviously, be driving. I will leave my car outside the gate, at the local McDonalds, or just drive it into a river for all I care. I have just read so much about how awesome your community is and will do about anything to at least have 10 days with you, but will be actively trying to establish connections with everyone involved to stay longer. I have prayed for weeks for answers and eventually God led me to you. I am a broken, lost, society hating Marine Corps veteran, I am 25, a hard worker, and a jack of all trades. I will be more help than you know. I sincerely look forward to meeting everyone involved! 🙂

    If you would like to talk to me more and get to know me…feel free to email me.

    I hope this message finds you well and I look forward to meeting anyone who is there. Thank you.

  105. Are you doing a gathering this year? I recently restarted my life and have so much ambition and newfound spirit! I am starting school on the fall, but would love to do some traveling over the summer and when I read about everything you have to offer and everything you stand for… It’s everything my soul has been longing for. I would love to visit and stay free gathering, and who knows – maybe even stay longer than that.

    1. Hey! Thanks for reaching out. We are having a gathering this year, we’re working on planning it right now! It looks like it’ll be the last 2 weeks of April. For more up to date info you can check our facebook page

  106. Hello, recently a dear friend recommended you all to me, and I was hoping to visit soon. I’m currently living in a converted school bus and learning to live a more quiet and simple life, but also regain a sense of community. I see that sometimes people stay off the fit is right. If I ever want to stay, and am welcomed in how does it work with my bus? Would I need to leave it somewhere?

    Thank you so much for your time and help. I hope to meet you all soon

  107. I worked for strictly medicinal seeds In Williams, OR for six years. I have a lot of outdated seeds that were free boxed for the employees, that I would love to share. All medicinal herb seeds, maybe some organic veggies 💙. No guarantee they’ll grow, but I’ve had a lot of luck! Email me a mailing address if you’re interested and I can ship some your way! Would love to find a way to be educated with how you make it work. I now live on my reservation in Southern California and work for my tribe under federal grants. We have a great administrator and I am always looking for ideas on how we can become more self-sufficient and sustainable. Working on decolonizing these mostly very sad people. Abundant blessings y’all!

  108. Hello I’m 1roughneck n I’m wanting to come visit by maybe this week I’m very skilled at most everything n maybe of use to yours hope that’s fine looking to camp. and check the campus out. Sinserly 1roughneck thanks alot

  109. I’m hoping to come visit on weekends. Have full time job so it’ll be only on weekends and I am skilled at every level.just lost wife on new years n just finished loosing everything else . have a few clothes my job my harley and I’m living out of my car trying to save money just lost my place n this is were I’m at. I’m wanting to pitch a tent cabin with generator for power n build a green house for veggies during winter months n make a shower with the running creek you have a pump n battery. My works 2 1/2hrs.away so ill only be able to come in on weekends . I’ve got a lot of ideas to help your community n it can be done lol. Thankyou for listing to me n plz.let me know what you think n if I’d be welcome.

    1. You don’t need to notify us to visit 🙂 Yes, we have space for vans, campers, and skoolies!

  110. Hello there!
    Could I come camp on your property Monday night with my sweet dog Loup please? We can bring y’all a big bucket of pecans from our place! We just need to rest our heads for one night. We respect covid safety precautions, pick up after ourselves & i’ll keep the Loup tied to my side!
    Have a wonderful day!

  111. I’m curious to come check it out, but cautious to just show up unannounced. I’ve read the the questions and I’m aware of the per regulations, but unsure as to what to expect when I pull up and who I would need to speak to. If someone could offer me a little more guidance I would appreciate it. I am in a minivan with my dog Z. We have had a rough year and we just need space to be free and collect ourselves. We have been traveling and I would love a space to work on some writing. Some in which requires a strong cell signal. So if you could inform me what the status of cell service is as well that would be super helpful. I am most certainly intrigued. Thank you

  112. Hi!

    I really want to come visit you!
    Is your community wish list up to date?
    Do you have an updated list?
    I have a cat, and an RV could she stay in the RV while I visit?
    Why are cats not allowed?

    Thank you

  113. I am looking to leave the life I have and find a better way. I have many different skill sets. And I am wondering how to go about joining and about a spot on the community property to set up at

  114. I was fortunate enough to be able to stay at the Garden for a period of time. I enjoyed the stay and meeting the many diverse people there. Looking for a new rewarding experience? You find it at The Garden ! Advise to you. Go you won’t regret it.

  115. I have been trying to get down there for 2 yrs and planned on coming this summer but my daughter is having another baby in may and her and her husband cried when I said I was going. I’m so sad I have to wait longer. Anyway I’m an artist, I home schooled 8 children, grew all are own food, made our own clothes and helped build our house so I have plenty of helpful skills. If only I could get there!! Hope to be coming soon.

  116. Three questions: 1. Would you say that the majority of your community residents are interested in anarchism or marxism?
    2. Is it essentially a work exchange by nature?
    3. Is food provided for or must one arrange that him or herself?

    1. Just take yourself there. Bring a little money(I dpubt you’ll need it) and go find out! Take the big step and go, take like 5 days.

  117. i’m local and have a van. What should i bring to the property that could help out? I’m planning a drive up to do some recon within the next couple of days.

  118. I’m hoping to come in March and have a list of things to bring that are not on the wishlist but not sure if they are needed or wanted. I was wondering if someone would email me so I could figure out what to bring. Since I’m loading everything I own in my rv and never returning it will be a tight fit. I am an artist and art teacher and homeschooling and have many adult items also. Thanks

  119. Hi I would like to know if there is any thing that you guys would like to have. I plan on coming and visiting you and would like to stop and buy some thing that would help. Ill also like to know if I can bring a te not and set it up while I’m there until we can help you build another living building. I’m good with my hands. Thanks for your time and hope to see you all soon.

  120. Is there anyone I could catch a ride with up to the gathering this summer if I could get to SUAGI?

  121. This is in response to “A typical day at SUAGI,” This is a good example of why there NEEDS to be some kind of “government” in a community (For lack of a better term) There does not need to be just one person in charge, if you just had a council that helped to create some sort of management it would help. You can even rotate titles and have elections. I believe this can be done without it becoming a dictatorship, as it looks now SUAGI is a free-for-all. You guys have a GREAT thing going there but as I am sure you have already guessed, when you add more people there becomes a greater need for stability and structure and governance. I would LOVE to see you guys succeed and more communities like yours pop up everywhere. Stay strong!

    1. the land is consensus run. what happens there is up to the people there. right now its good. it takes people actively trying to make it good for it to be good. if people solve the problems they see then it gets better…….thank you.

  122. Have it in mind to stop by in May.

    Passing through hitchhiking on my way to Oregon, sleeping in a hammock. You all sound like interesting people to visit.

  123. So I’m going to be coming that way with my pup! I was wondering if there’s anything I should know! Like temperature? Lol I’m coming from south Florida so it’s super warm here. And I might have a tent I can bring. Anything else? Super excited!

  124. Hey folks i am going to come down and hope to be of much help to you all. Im a revolutionary thinking carpenter and i just want to go be still.i have an awesome dog named winston and i have a minivan…just want to double check that its cool to come.was hoping to build tiny house in woods and assist you awesome people any way i can. I ride bike with the dog read fish meditate and am respectful of everyone.

    1. My husband and I have been tossing up the idea of starting a Homesteading community in Tennessee. I didn’t know you existed. We were thinking of a permanent set up, with multiple families maybe in a subdivided 100 acre plot. Having found your site, we thought we might come visit you, first., to see what issues we might face.

  125. I love the concept of your project! Just wondering if you had issues with township ordinances as far as having “residents” living there. Everywhere i look for land to do something similar I run into problems getting permission to allow temporary housing-tiny houses on wheels, rv’s,tents etc. What zoning do you have??

    also…how long are people staying with you?

    One more question…what business structure do you fall under? NON-profit?

    I hope to make it out early this spring before my spring starts in Wisconsin! Would love to see our land and all thats going on and to get my hands dirty!!

    1. no ordinances issues yet…..we are in the country not sure what zoning we have. most people stay for a month or less some stay for 6 others stay for years. we operate as a non-profit although we don’t have a 501c3 yet.

      1. so how do you or the people there earn money? Clearly its a way of life more so than trying to become “wealthy” but there is still expenses to living. What walks of life seem to be attracted to living/helping out here? Any issues with asking someone to leave that doesn’t want to?

  126. about 4 days ago i decided that i wanted to join you guys. I was in Mcallen tx checked my map it said walking it will take me 22 days. im now in houston tx and soon lafayette.

  127. I have been following you guys online for a couple of years now. I have a five acre homestead in Sparta, TN, not far from you. I didn’t see anything on your wishlist about livestock. Do you guys have, or have you thought about, chickens and ducks? I have some drakes that I would like to find a home for and if you find some females that could give you some babies in the spring and you would be on your way. Ducks are hardy birds and easy to take care of through the winter. They do not need heat because they do pretty well in the cold. Also, I don’t know if anyone eats meat there but I have several roosters too. I have had them their entire lives and they have been free-range birds since the day they were born. They would be good to put with female chicks and raise more or to eat. Let me know if you are interested.

    1. Dummy me just went back and looked and saw you mentioned livestock on the wishlist, sorry 🙂 Anyway, if you are interested in my birds I would be happy to bring them. Just let me know.

  128. Good stuff,just wondering a few things….
    Is there an address to recieve mail/change license or registration addresses?
    Are there ever conflicts of personality? Lowlifes that need to be told off?
    Are relationships allowed with your original communers?
    Does anyone there use cannabis?
    If I could get my hands on a projector,would you be up for a movie theatre?
    Are any of you involved in journalism/politics,Trying to stop the new world order?
    How much snow do you typically get there?
    How far from nearest walmart ?
    How long do you plan on keeping this land?
    Thanks so much!

  129. Hey man. Me and my friends cody and jack want to come and help and live with you in april….I was just wondering if you guys had a list of needed things. I wanna bring whatever Ican!!!!

  130. Hi, I know that you said all is welcome I would just like to check to make sure that all is still welcome. I am in a concrete jungle and my soul is begging for nature once again I had recently just left the northwest ( Olympia National rainforest ).
    I do have a certificate in landscape and greenhouse management from Washington State from many years ago I would love to join the community.
    Would appreciate a response.

    May love and peace find you at your best

      1. Thank you so much I’m looking forward to meeting all you.

        Love and peace

  131. How is public transportation in Lafayette? It seems like it would be sparse.

    Does anyone do peer-to-peer car sharing via Relay Rides?

    Are there bikes available to borrow or people who know how to help me fix my current bike?

    Are there any materials or tools for building, and even camping as I don’t have a tent?

    I’d like to work on several tiny mobile houses in the near future, starting with a revamped camper/gypsy wagon type of deal.

  132. Wowww, after checking your post on facebook group, I visited this website, and read some of these comments, I am tempted to donate some amount to you at regular intervals randomly, and make it someday to your place in TN. Great job, keep it up, world needs more people like you

    1. Thank you for your kind words, you seem to be a amazing person your self. the donations no mater how small will be greatly appreciated and put to good use. Please do come visit any time.

    1. we are working on getting it going but as of right now its up to the parents mostly with a weekly community school day where other people from the community teach and we go on field trips and such.

  133. Anyone know who is buyin ginseng this yr? Close to Lafayette is where I’m needin if possible. Thx

    1. There are a couple places on the 52 in RBS and Westmorland. .. also out in Celina. The cat in Celina is rumored to pay best of the 3.

  134. But what if the very land under us is being poisoned, and rendered inevitably barren, with the protection and support of government power? Is there not a much more pressing use of our time, personal involvement, and energy? There is a massive, for-profit extractionist invasion going on, complete with chemical warfare, that will be irreversible even by Nature.

  135. Just found y’all on the internet, thanks to the universe! I just spent 7 months on a commune in Texas and I loved it, although they only had 4 acres to play. I’m looking forward to following y’all and one day coming to visit.

  136. Coming this week 2 newer laptops in hand , ready to power that place up? I have been building windmills and solar systems for years all with recycled parts !!! Ready to come help ! See you soon!

    1. Hi lanj, you can visit India too, and stay at my place, conditions will be even better than this here.You can come anytime, just lemme know beforehand so that I can see if I am still in India and arrange everything for you. You can check my facebook profile from my id here

  137. I love what you’re doing. Wondering is y’all have a wish list? I’m not very mobile at the moment, and have limited funds but would love to help as I am able and come up on random items.

  138. me and my family were just there for a week great friendly people better food than you will ever expect! no joke! btw they are about to build an office if anyone is on their way soon a newer computer or 2 would be a great donation. peace

    1. Hi greg-n-catherine-n-sarah, you can visit India too, and stay at my place, conditions will be even better than this here.You can come anytime, just lemme know beforehand so that I can see if I am still in India and arrange everything for you. You can check my facebook profile from my id here

  139. Just wanna say thanx for the fun and educational time Me and moze had there in march/april. You guys are awesome, We love you. I hope those taters, and onions we planted are doin good. I had bumper crop of strawberries this year. If I ever pass thru TN again I will definitely stop and help again. Tell everyone I said HI!

  140. Its great that you all put this place together thanks to all that have done so! we are leaving wisconsin tonight probably be there noon the 19th or that evening

  141. Me (18) and my boyfriend Eric (19) and our two bestfriends David (19) and Gloryana (19) are and our lives dont seem to be progressing living the normal society life we are nature lovers and it has been our dream to live simply around very kind loving people and around positive energy. We just want happiness in and around us. I want to know how it’s done ,we will have a little money when we come all of us together, but how does it work to pitch in ,what if we dont have money ,like if we run out.. We can earn money there??Or just help out as much as possible and such …. Do we need to bring any papers/information ?? Also are pets aloud ,we have a cat,a tortouise and puppy (Germanshepard/labMix) ? This is our last hope for happiness and fresh start ,it seems lovely there.

    1. please respond and tell us in detail how things will be there people keep asking over and over all we get is a few words in response.

    2. we/I want to move there too but with only enough cash to get there mostly. its hard to make the choice w/o knowing whats it like there how would i leave if i needed to? my life sucks in the corporate slave life im so unhappy you may have no clue but to hard to want to move there i cant look on the fb page since i wont do fb.

      1. If you have the means to find work, work can be found. We do not do background checks, however there are children on the property and we are careful about their safety. The atmosphere of the property changes with the people and the seasons, currently it is laid-back, with a smaller number of people, with projects being accomplished, especially gardening and farmers markets. The kitchen is communal, expenses are minimal, it is very hot since it is July, but there is a creek on the property with cool running water. If you have more specific questions let us know and we will try to answer them the best we can.

    3. Come check it out! Pets are allowed, one dog per family, the other animals are fine. Don’t worry, if you have no money, there is no charge to stay and if you really need to make money there are ways to do that. You don’t need to bring papers/information.

  142. i want to move there but i need to work to pay child support or a warrant will be issued. would that work? is there plenty of part time jobs around? i just need to slave to the man enough to pay that bill and the 40 a month. if you dont mind constructive criticism you guys should explain the place better update this page with a video longer than 2 mins. the question that should be answered are repeated often in this thread. people dont want to come there clueless we want to know how it will be. do you background check for child predators? we have a child also.

    1. I keep seeing 10$ a week listed here. Is it possible to pay for the 10$ a week by contributing to the community? And is the source of dumpster wood in large supply?

      1. yes its possible if you cant afford it. we ask for 10$ a week after the first week to pay for trash toilet paper and other community necessities so that the cost is spread out.

  143. Its been a long journey but after many repairs we are almost home and looking forward to being among family again. We can’t wait to offer what we have , and learn new things. See ya soon

    1. Hi gridless76, you can visit India too, and stay at my place, conditions will be even better than this here.You can come anytime, just lemme know beforehand so that I can see if I am still in India and arrange everything for you. You can check my facebook profile from my id here

  144. Is it just me or this eerily similar to “The Stand”? There isn’t an old black woman there named Mother Abigail is there? JUST JOKING!!!

    1. No one has ever been kicked out for not having money. We do ask that your actions reflect where your intentions are. So pitch in whatever way you can, and your let your energy be your payment. Come and visit. The first week is free anyhow….

      1. It’s like a bicycle with 3 wheels, 2 in the front. If a bicycle can get in there then a velomobile probably can(unless there are jumps and what not).

    1. Making my way there starting tonight its a 335 mile columbus ohio to you hike going to camp along the way I am a army vet who has lost everything an ready for a change!

  145. I plan on moving out here on the 1st of April, and had a few questions.
    1. I know that it is 10 dollars a week to live there, so can a person pay 40 dollars a month, or would you prefer the 10 a week?
    2. Would it be okay if I built a “Quiggly” home? (a fully or partially underground home)
    and lastly, can wood be harvested from the spot I am allowed to build on, or should I bring some in from another source?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Tori, you can visit India too, and stay at my place, conditions will be even better than this here.You can come anytime, just lemme know beforehand so that I can see if I am still in India and arrange everything for you. You can check my facebook profile from my id here

  146. Is this still open to the public. I am so over, and have been, mainstream corporate america. I have been a massage therapist for 3 years now and I love my profession but I hate the business side of things. I would do it for free if I could because I love making people feel better, and do believe we are all one, but have found that some people take advantage of that. I was curious me and a musician friend of mine make the trek out there what should we bring with us. Could we camp on the land? What are the terms and conditions? I wish the country could change and tried to put a back pack on two years ago to start a love revolution (no lie) but realized the revolution has to start within me first, and have been trying to my best to work on that. I also think a good way to say F the government is to work together to build self sustaining ways of living so we dont have to rely on them. Anyway, let me know about the camping and what to bring and all that. And if you guys are still accepting travelers.

    1. yes we are open and there is lots of good camping. i would say bring everything you would need to camp out, tent, sleeping bag, etc. the first week is free and then its 10$ a week. the month of April is free for the event. thanks for being you.

    2. Hi Morgan, you can visit India too, and stay at my place, conditions will be even better than this here.You can come anytime, just lemme know beforehand so that I can see if I am still in India and arrange everything for you. You can check my facebook profile from my id here

    1. You can definitely come check it out, and see if you like it! See of its the right fit for you!

    1. the first week is free and then its 10$ a week. the month of April is free for the event. if you like it and want to stay you can build a house in the woods not in the field.

  147. Hello, I am a free spirit that has always dreamed of helping to found a self-sustaining community off-gird/semi-off-grid and away from the ugly/modern society that the U.S. has become. I would love to be a part of the community you guys have going, and to help in continuing its growth and expansion. In my opinion it is people like you and me that have the power to change the world, and I fully intend on doing my part. I am experienced in survival, hiking, camping, gardening, landscaping, and have broadly studied in spirituality and world religion. I am currently a student with the Institute of American Indian Arts, studying under their program of Indigenous Liberal Studies. I would greatly enjoy, and forever be in debt to the community, if/when I can be a part of what you people have started. It seems almost to good to be true, I am sure you hear that often, however I have no illusions of what off-grid self-sustaining living is like. I back country camp for weeks at a time in Cherokee National Forest and TVA land in East Tennessee, as well as having spent some time in an off-grid cabin in the High Desert of the South West. I want to be a part of what you guys are doing.

    One love for all people. That is my main mantra in life. We are all one. I want to come be one with this community. You can bet your bottom dollar I will be there within the year.

    P.S. I make and sell soy candles. I assume I would be able to sell them at your newly erected road side stand? Are there any flea/farmers markets in the area for additional income? I of course would plan on putting most of the money into the community itself.

    Thanks so much guys. Keep doing your thing!

  148. Hi, I recently found you guys and I think myself and my companion are going to come mid April. I have lots of small tools (screwdrivers, nails, screws, levels, measuring tapes, hammers) and we would absolutely love to be a part of this. I have framing experience and would love to help build! Is there anything I can bring that would prove beneficial???

  149. Wow! This looks like the first legitimate off-grid style open community that I’ve been able to find…after a two year online dig. So excited and curious. I’m a professional artist, 33 yrs old and seeking a place to live in peace with the land. I’m very interested in doing cob wall garden art like this for kids play spaces, shared workshop areas and even community dining room in trade. I can be reached at , here is an example

  150. Also wandering if I can harvest wildgame during season..and if I can take any trees from the woods for fire wood for heat and cooking….really looking forward to hear back from y’all..thank you

    1. We are starting a new project in Southeast Missouri 86 Acres you can hunt you can Harvest trees we are just asking for people to go in and help us Pioneer this Raw land it has a creek all year round some swampy areas a pond, fields and Hills lots of mature trees lots of Deadfall would like to try to keep the Big Trees though please but let me know if you’re interested just looking for families to help with Pioneer this Raw land and much later, if you want to build a house for you awesome just be a contributing member $50 weekly or if you just want to camp it’s free when you do some helping out around the place first things first will be putting in a path and Campground 636-579-2339

  151. So I can come there have a piece of land to build a home on to live and I can have chickens I can do gardens….and there is electric and water….i only have to pay $10 a week…$40 a month….and help with work there…that sounds to good to be true….please give me more information…I’m interested…I have farming and construction experience… Also CPR and first aid first responder,firefighter…oh I also have landscaping experience… I have a truck 4×4… And is this a place I can live year round…or just for periods at a time…can I bring in sheds or rv campers

    1. there is no electric and there is more to it then just staking clam. Read the mission statement.

  152. Rent is $10 a week. Tobacco is used and some alcohol..preferably if you make it. Nice folks are there. The community cabin is there if you don’t have a tent.

  153. How are you guys getting along there for the winter? I know you have posted it is very primitive living but cold is cold lol So how do you guys get though the cold months?

    1. We get free fire wood from a dumpster outside a local lumberyard. And we keep woodstoves stoked and try to get out whenever the sun shines. Even when it doesn’t we have a greenhouse to play/plant in and good company to keep us distracted from the cold.

    2. I was also wondering if there is space in any shelters you have there in the winter for one to sleep in and stay in like I read about the community cabin or extra wood stove for a canvas tent I have that may or may not be compatible with a wood stove. I am just wondering so I can plan accordingly, understanding of any response.

  154. HI…..I’m currently in the Upstate of SC. This sounds like just what I’ve been searching for. Just wondering about living arrangements, income needed…etc.
    Also, is tobacco, alcohol etc allowed?
    Thanks so much….Donna

    1. its primitive living with only temporary housing. after the first week its 10$ a week. tobacco is ok, alcohol is ok if you make it.

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  157. My hubby and I are preggo and have been searching for a much bettet life for ourselves and our child. We are an all trades family and were wondering what living there is like. Living spaces or ability to create your own? Jobs/activities? Farming/gardening community owned operated or just personal/fam operated? Winter/summer like? Approx population and influx of others during the year? Anything else you may think we should know before we start our journey?
    Thanks so much!

  158. The farm would love to have you join. I’m Miss Shirley, was the nurse, and I am gone for a couple of months.

  159. I want to use this a the base for a small group of traveling Gypsies, all we ask is for a small corner to stick a small cob open air kitchen. a place we can rest in our wagons or long term if medical issues arise like a baby or illness that makes traveling too risky. we are going to bring donations and are willing to help out with your projects if you let us do this.

  160. Check out GROW Community at Alamosa, San
    Luis Valley, Colorado as this may be what your looking for. That is on facebook GROW Community

  161. Is this really where people can become independent from the consumer marketing taking turns at fast . food feeding each other and taking turns giving treatment at hospitals form a poor American diet? We want to help you become free form a Perpetual nonsense of will bring a tree farm and run feeder hogs or even goats anything but society’s food. I need a plot to better the community. We have 3 kids an my wife and I . If you have any information before we inbark to help you please let us know as soon as you can. The more details the better and we Like the bad news first… have a blessed season. Help us help you. Have you herd of the Pennsylvania tent village a bus could help us all be connected and productive.
    With pure unintentional love and productivity. I Am
    Richard we are very motivated to get things back on track with you. Setting examples to many like minded people . That it’s not too late. 30 dollars for 100 trees in southern indiana would be a great weight gain for and just the lets say rye weed and falling fruit. thats food and paper federal reserve notes Well if you’re under that presumption. It’s still dollars and we still need it.

  162. Not a question, just a comment: I love love love love love what you’re doing! I will be in your area in fall 2015 and I’m planning to drop by with my tent and help out until it gets too cold for me. Whatever needs doing when I show up, I am eager to do: digging, hammering, cooking, whatever. I’ve been following you guys on facebook and I’m really looking forward to coming for a while and pouring some energy into what’s happening. I know that’s a long time from now — a bit over a year — but that’s how excited I am to come by, that I’m already thinking about it now.

    Be well, everybody, with lots of love from me to you!

  163. How many people live out there? I was a mechanic in the army for 10 years, I am also an avid organic gardener, and have many other skills. I have been considering coming out full time to provide my skills and labor, knowledge, and friendly attitude, as well as supplies.

  164. oye Family…. Pat its Maj… sending LoVe brotha… jus thinking of the tha farm and tha family.. in Shasta right now… LoVe what you doin man .. next time im over that way ima spend some time there hopefully…. LoVe to yalll and blessings…. ! LoVe.. bruk bruk boom!!

  165. Hi guys 🙂 this is a really beautiful project, two quick things:
    1) i just started up this little organization called the Outskirts Movement. it basically is a place where people can share positive news, sort of like a good news network, since way too often we only are informed of the negative things going on in the world. here is a link to the website, i was wondering if there is anyway we could somehow team up? i don’t have any ideas on the matter yet but maybe someone here does!
    2) are you guys doing a bus tour again anytime soon? i’d love to hop on the bus and come stay for a while

  166. Is this group still together as I see nothing new on this site and can’t get an answer here. It sound like a group I’d be interested in joining. If any one knows any thing please give answer here or give me a call. Patrick did call me back last week and said he was headed back but had not been there for a while.Said he didn’t know who was there as I have a 5 year old I was interested in who all was there. If any one knows any thing please give me a call, BL 575 639 2448

    1. I was just on the land a few days ago and there were 6 or 7 kids out there 4 of those under the age of 5 and everyone else I met out there was caring inviting and loving I really can’t wait to go back

  167. I’d like more information as we are looking forward to trying to make it to the farm the first of the month. What do we need to come to the farm? We have a 5 year old son, is there any home schooling there or other schooling there. Can we build a place and than when we come back will it still be available to us? Can we bring our own rv and live there with out problem?Any one that live there or if you have been there I’d love for you to call us BL 575 639 2448 or Roxie. Is this a poly group or clothes optional place?

  168. I plan on coming down this weekend iam living in bowling green if anyone would to talk to me before then 270 303 9963 and I have a big f150 truck

  169. Could ya’ll use a blacksmith? My family and I have been considering something like this for a while.

  170. I have 14.5 acres and want to do the sane thing. Looking for like minded individuals who would like to assist.

    1. Is your place in kentucky if not do you know any places like this in kentucky

  171. I’ve been thinking about heading y’all’s way soon. Is there access to fresh water or should I plan on having water? I see your wish list but is there some things more important?

    Thank and can’t wait to meet you all!

    1. we have lots of good water. but we do need lots more water pipe to get it around better.

  172. Leaving bright and early. Walking from Iowa there. 750 miles!!! See you in two weeks!!!!!!

  173. Wow what you guys are doing is wonderful! I am so pleased to see so many people such as ourselves getting back to nature and community 🙂 My family and I are in the process right now of becoming a traveling family. We have many stops in mind already and we would love to visit you guys as well. Keep up all the great work! ❤

  174. So I hate to be the needy, “freeloader” type, but I’m just going to put myself out there: I want to see a more egalitarian, free, socially fulfilling, cooperative, sustainable, beautiful, livable world more than anything else, and I personally have great need to work toward such a world with like-minded individuals while still maintaining my ability to survive and “investing” a little in my future ability to live at least somewhat comfortably according to such principles. The problem is, I am quite literally dollarless – in fact I’m something like $14,000 in debt due to student loans. I can’t contribute financially, but that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to work hard to realize such a community. I would gladly work 80+ hours a week (for a time, anyway) if I could 1) survive 2) fellowship with somewhat like-minded folks (I need that community badly) 3) contribute to a real, physical community’s blossoming (and thus a world closer to the aforementioned vision) and 4) build up, even if gradually, the possibility of a better life for myself (a little warm space of my own, good community, basic necessities, a few creature comforts, and – eventually – less than average “working” hours so that I can put a lot of time into art, study, socializing, etc.). If I had some real hope of eventually achieving these things, I’d be willing to work really, really abnormally hard and rough-it pretty uncomfortably (tent-style?) for a while initially. I 24 years old and capable of doing pretty tough physical work, and I’m also relatively intelligent and well-educated (two years at a fairly rigorous liberal arts college + lots of independent learning) if that’s not patting myself on the back too much. I have a little bit of skill with media software (e.g. video editing) and, in particular, music mixing and electronic music/audio production. I’m also a decent writer and researcher. Why do I say all this? If you guys are working towards these goals, could use the labor, have a community already going or could put one together (even if that’s just 4 or 5 individuals), have a warm place for me to roll out a sleeping bag, and might be able to also eventually help me a build a little straw-bale dome or something of the like (assisting me with materials and perhaps labor), I would be ecstatic to come join you! You don’t even have to feed me as I have EBT (although some sort of kitchen or stove-sharing might be necessary). You needn’t feel you’re taking advantage of me – if you’re of like mind and genuinely feel you might be able accomplish the aforementioned goals with me, I would be very happy to contribute my time and energy. I realize that this is going out on a limb bit and that primary needs for most groups like this are cash/land/materials and highly educated or skilled folks, but just thought I’d give it a shot and see if this is something y’all need 🙂

  175. Greetings my birth name is David. I am thinking of coming to join your community. I am bringing with me a truck with a camper shell. Which i am wanting to donate for use. I am looking to expand myself and get back to the spiritual being I was intended to be. I was charged by the spirit to write a book to be called ‘The Voice of JESUS?’ I am interested in helping others achieve their dreams. I at this time have nothing but a truck my book and myself and $100. I am currently in the orlando area and need some knowledge that will land me where u be. Thanks for your knowledge and I look forward to being of assistance. I will not be reachable except here due to circumstances can’t check my email.

    1. We are in the same situation, my husband and I, seeking a way out of the city and getting back to our roots and working off the land Yeshua has provided for us, we are in sarasota area not to far from orlando. looking to maybe come to Tennesse and do good works When r u going? God bless, and much love sarah+joshua

  176. I just saw the picture of the new DOME project, that is awesome, and so functional. Kudo’s to you all. You should be proud.

  177. Hey awesome thing you guys have going. Me and my Boyfriend have been wanting to start this same idea since we didn’t know this existed. I am pregnant. So i guess that is my main question. Is baby okay? Besides that we will probably be coming down between june and august or maybe a little later. We will be starting to collect things to help.

    1. Shut up & Grow it is Family Friendly however, it is quite a project land. So if this is your first child & first experience “roughing it” you may be uncomfortable without the luxuries of the “real world”. Fearless??? Then you’ll fit right in…

  178. I am planing to head your way on the last week of June. I will be staying for the entire month of July. I have started collecting items on your wish list to bring with me. I will be leaving Lafayette, IN. Any one needing a ride can contact me. Until then, take care of each other.

  179. Really looking forward to coming to join and be a part in this greatness. I really like everything I am seeing from you guys, and this has actually been a goal and dream of mine for a while. Awesome that you guys are doing this. I graduate college in May and in the mean time I am gathering as many materials and goods as I can to bring along with me. If you guys still need some help that is.

    1. Help & supplies are always welcome from welcoming souls!!! Good luck on finals!!!

  180. Ok, big question here. If I come down there is the Galen Road clearly marked and can I get to the property and drive up the driveway/path by car. I don’t have gps, just maps.

    1. Yes, Galen Rd is a main route out of Lafayette therefore, it’s clearly marked & yes you can drive your car into your yard on a decent dirt driveway… Generally someone will greet you as you pull in and direct you to a parking spot appropriate for your vehicle! When are you thinking of coming home?

  181. Wow this sounds wonderful have a lot of the same ideas. Lived in a community back in the early 90s they have a great thing going but some strange beliefs was called the twelve tribes they are still around.. Would love to make it down some time to check yinz out and lend a family an I are 9 hours north western pa. Keep up the great work.

  182. Your land is beautiful! Wow! Way to go. I want to come visit this spring I hope. Rock on and plant on! 🙂 JoJo Wats

  183. Hey guys, My name is Arista. I would really love to make it to the “shut up and get shit done” event on April 4th. Sadly I dont have a license yet. I would really like to make it out there! I was thinking from about April 1st to the 7th or 8th. I would need to be back home by the 9th seeing as how that’s when my 21st birthday is! 🙂 If anyone is traveling to this from the Muskegon/Grand Rapids Michigan Area, Or close by i would really love if i could tag along! Sadly I am broke so i wouldn’t be able to help with gas money. But i figured if your going anyways, I’d make for some good company on the long ride there. PM/add me on fb. Just click on my name on here if you can help me in any way! Namaste ❤ 🙂

  184. Hello, guys! My husband and I have had road trip fever and have been trying to figure out a way to start something just like this up on our own! It really is hard to find like-minded people who are fed up with the government and don’t want to depend on anybody but themselves! If we were to visit, do we bring a tent to crash in, or how does all that work? Also, when is the get shit done party? We could email or Skype!

  185. Hello family, my name is Calliope. I heard about your beautiful land and community from brother Q out west a couple months ago and have been checking out what you’re doing ever since. I love what I see happening there, and I would feel so blessed to help create a couple things on your wish list. I’m an experienced organic veggie grower and cook, and have been looking for a place to grow some food and feed some folks this coming season. The pics on the website are great and I get a good sense of what ya’all are doing there. I’ve got a fresh batch of heirloom seeds for this season with good variety and extra of some things that should be good to sell at market.

    I’ve been in NY for the winter and I’m heading your way for the April work party. It looks like I’ll be able to get as far as Nashville but still looking for a way to get the rest of the way to the land. Nothing yet on CL, and I was wondering if ya’all had any suggestions or know anyone that makes that trip once in a while. I’m planning to be in Nashville on April 1.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone and diggin’ in the dirt. Hit me up if you’ve got any ride ideas. I just have a duffel bag and a box of farm stuff.

    Peace and peas,
    646 737-5583

    1. Still looking for a way to Lafayette from Nash? We live between the two and I work in Nashville. I just found this so I have to talk to my husband but for sure hit us up this weekend 28/29th. 615-202-3045. My name is Val you can call or text.

  186. Agape y namaskar my yet-unmet family!! I hope this finds everyone as close to their highest good as possible, and looking forward to even brighter tomorrows! I found this page after speaking with Kavya, and while I need to close a few doors here to open one there, I figured it’d be good for me to at least say hello.

    Anyone living on SU&GI please feel free to email me ( and tell me what all we may need for the property come spring; so far I’ve got myself and 3 fur-mates that’ll put smiles on your face, and once I learn how to pitch a tent for my few posessions to stay in, we’ll have a truck. I also have a few others who might be interested in flying with me there, either upon my arrival or at a later date, only time will tell.

    I’m excited to get together and surround myself with people of like mind – I hope we will all get to talking well ahead of my travel home, and that I can help leave a positive imprint to the people and the land, while gaining additional skills not to mention perspective!! 🙂

    See you soon!
    Anuschkah & the dogs

      1. And all welcoming dogs must be kept leashed & picked up after daily in order to keep the peace!

  187. That is a truly awesome response to give. I don’t know what he may have said but way to rise above. I feel bad for people that have a need to let everyone know how hateful they are. I like you guys already. T

  188. Have you guys considered the Back to Eden method of gardening? It seems much more efficient and less detrimental to the soil than conventional cultivation methods (tilling).

    1. I agree, Back to Eden is a much better method for all involved!!! Also, how about building an Earthship or two this year?

      1. I work for a trucking company. Do you know how many old tires we have sitting on our yard? And empty plastic bottles? We could probably do 4 earthships lol. And I’ll bring my Back to Eden too lol.

      2. Please bring books! Having trouble convincing them it’s a better method without more back up… Also, more tires are welcome as well as hands to help pack them full of earth!! Looking forward to meeting you!

  189. Hi family , my name is Robert pesce aka.Dutch I have met Patrick with shut up and grow it over the past summer and have bean researching the things you all do fore people and have gathered some good insight on how the community works together in order to help each other prosper through networking and lending a helping hand I think this is a great thing you all are doing and want to come visit the shut up and grow it farm this spring for the “get shit done party” I have spoken with some people over face book who live on the farm who are looking for information on building with cob and other raw materials I would like to come out to the farm and set up a class to teach different techniques and uses for cob and cob structures I am keeping my schedule open and would like if Patrick can contact me via phone so we can discuss in further detail what it is I’d like to provide so if he can please contact me my cellphone number is (848)480~7875 please be mindful of the time difference for I live in Washington state thanks 😉 continue living in love and light you guys amazing people doing amazing things = amazing results 🙂

  190. I, my wife, and my daughter are intensively researching the life-style of off-grid living as one of getting away from the drudge of societies all-about-money nonsense, over-regulation, and dependency on the on-the-grid societal necessities.

    Please note that I am 60, my wife is 43, and my daughter is 21, so none of us are wistful, dreamy youths imagining any Xanadu type of existence. In fact, we have already been full-time RVers for around 10 years, so we understand the traveling and re-settling aspects of new places.

    What we seek is self-developed comforts and living in a way that we essentially are no longer a part of the societal structure as it exists today in cities and governments.

    My dream has been to raise various species of edible fowl such as chickens, pheasants, ducks, grouse, quail, and pea fowl (Peacocks), etc. To harvest the eggs of each for food and for nursery for new fowl. Other aspects of off-grid food of interest include the non-ordinary (Ginseng, for example). All of these can also be utilized as cash harvests for income and growth.

    We also have knowledge and experience in structural development of cabins of various types, and of raw survival skills.

    Do you think we might fit into your community? Please let us know. We are interested.


    1. Thank you for your response. That does sound very interesting and just what we are looking for. Maybe we can exchange Skype and speak from there?

      My Skype name is sagisagi39

    2. i’m getting there in april, and so i know little of what it’s like on the land, but i can say you guys fit with me and what i’ve heard of the land. i look forward to meeting you guys and working with you. i’m 27 and backpacking, planing to build a cob type home on the land.

  191. anybody here in this place maybe msg me and tell me a lil whats its like?please was thankin bout cumin bcuz my housein situation is about to end and i want a change from this thanks fam email is

  192. Hey sounds like a cool place i just gave a ride to a guy that said he was from there. And told me about it he was a cool laid back guy but i didnt get his name. He had dredds and red coat and back pack he said he was living there…If anyone knows let me know.

  193. Hey guys! This sounds like a dream. A couple friends and I along with my husband would love to come be apart of the community. Are you able to fish in the ponds? Are they stocked by any chance? We are tired of the current way of life and the unwelcoming arms of society. All of us have various trades that we are trained in and are willing to learn absolutely anything to assist in maintaining a substantiable lifestyle. Hope to hear from you! Email is best for communication at this time. =) <3<3

    1. —– This message is geared towards both individuals and couples ———-

      We are looking for anyone who is interested in a bit of a different life. People who love nature and the water, and who would like to grow organic vegetables and fruits in a community that supports each other. We are looking for people who can be a part of a community, enjoy the company of others, while still maintaining privacy in a safe and pleasant, peaceful place.

      ABOUT ME:
      My name is Sagi. I am 30 years old and have been married for 6 years. My wife and I are interested in starting a small community of up to 10-20 individuals or couples. We have a successful online business that can be managed remotely. We are looking for people who are interested in similar things.
      We recently moved from a big city to a quiet area in Central Florida. We currently, own, 16 acres – a mini farm with chickens, fruit trees and a very nice fruit, vegetable & herb garden. Although we love this lifestyle and everything that comes with it, what we find we are lacking is a sense of community not often found today. These views are seen to many as a bit backwards, however the simplicity, charm, and bare bones of it is all we really need. We do not lead a life of excess – we are interested in mostly sustainability and the direct and simple pleasures of life. We are very much against the consumerist way of life that is running rampant.
      As you can see, we are currently mostly living the lifestyle we desire; however, we are interested in something more of a community. We can’t be the only ones with these views and ideas! If you contact us, we can show you that it actually is attainable and within reach – not a pipe dream but a reality. If we can do it, anyone can, and it’s always much more fun to do things together J We have already scouted different locales such as Panama, Costa Rica, and even remote parts of Florida, however we are also open to suggestions. We primarily want a tropical environment with a stable government and something on the water.

      There are lots of details that need to be worked out still, the idea is still in the making, but it’s a great time to talk about such things and get to know each other.

      So if you have the desire and ability to feel free to contact me

      1. call / text is best 315 333 0155 i’m in orlando and would love to meet up with you guys. (p.s. i sent you an email)

      2. Hi im a 65 yr old single old hippie,im retired have a couple of good incomes,im just tired of the goverments bull shit,im a nice guy good farmer have built two homes know how to live off the grid and love to be around good people.i guess what I’d like to know is it ok to come up there in may I live in texas I have a 07 4wd jeep would like to build a small 10×20 cabin.can bring a flatbed trailer but would like to get building material close to your property will use a pota poty the first year and a generator and pot belly stove for heat and to cook let me know if this is all cool with you guys. peace Rich

      3. Hello , my name is Ian , can you please tell me more about your site? I am a single father of a beautiful 7 year old girl,looking for a place to live and raise my daughter properly,, I am a very knowledgeable in solar and wind power , I have built panels and windmills from car parts and bamboo. We have hearts of gold with helping others always a top priority. We would love to join you by months end,

  194. Hello All, Just a couple notes after reading the site: Black Walnut will cause the ground around it to become toxic to other edible plants, so planting it causes the loss of the land around it. Also, to the person who posted about having goose for dinner: Geese mate for life, there is nothing so sad as to listen and watch a mate wailing after someone has shot their lifelong partner. Think about it, please. Thanks for opening up this site and giving people a place to “be”, and fulfill their dreams.

  195. Hi!

    I just created a new website – People Mobilization . org that could be used by people to communicate. Added free classified ads for those with a small business to sell and buy needed goods and services. There are individual State pages so people can deal locally. Hope people feel welcome and that my new site will be helpful.


    1. Yay! Martino that’s awesome! I am going to check it out now. Thank you! Will be visiting The Farm in the Spring, hope to meet you there.


  196. Hey guys, Spring will be here before you know it. I have a couple of friends who will be joining you in a couple of months and although my boyfriend and I are homesteading land a little farther south I am still anxious to get up and visit and help with whatever needs done. On that note I was doing some research into your local area, especially the Farmer’s Market there in Macon Co., and it looks like a good one. We are going to try to raise some produce that may be a little different than what the locals normally sell at the farmer’s market in order to create a niche and have something different that can possibly generate more revenue. I was thinking maybe you guys might be interested in doing the same thing. Anywho, I am going to try to create some kind of website so that the lot of us, here and around the country, can communicate with each other and give each other ideas and encouragement. I will post the address on here when I get it. I can’t wait to meet everyone there. Stay warm!

    1. farmer’s market is somthing we have talked about a lot and hope to start going to. do hope you come out it sounds like you know whats up.

  197. this year is a new year, and i have plenty aspiration. I’ve spent the last year cooking and working to earn a living for myself and my daughter. At this rate we will possibly never see our own farm land. The goal this year is to bypass the initial American way, and joining with a community of already established like minded folk. i haven’t been able to visit, and i hope to do so soon. thought id drop a line and find out if you guys might have room for a mother and 7 yo daughter to build a homestead (plans to use pallet, with shipping container addition later in full construction). id even love to help build for others, and alongside helping developed the land and perfect our off grid skills. eventually i want to try this life journey into a blog or catalogue of sort for others to use. hope the frigid weather isn’t too harsh for you guys! fun forever!

    1. Hey Sarah, I noticed you said something about wanting to build with pallets. My boyfriend and I tried this but ended up having to go a different route. We have some friends that are headed this way from the West and plan to start a living at SU&GI in the early Sring. Of course we (Jason and I) will be coming there to help them get started and do whatever else we can do for others while we are there. I hope to see you there and maybe we can help you and your daughter plan a strategy about house construction. If you would like we can email back and forth my email is or you can text or call me at 931-316-6438. I look forward to meeting you. Safe travels!

      1. where r u coming from? i’m in orlando fl and still working out a ride to the land. i’d like to bring my books and folding table in one trip with my small tent and backpack.
        i plan to try to get to the land the 1st week of april.

    2. there is room. I would say come out in the spring and see if this is what your looking for.

  198. Hiya fellow earth lovers! My husband and I plan on heading your way in a week. Our lively black lab is coming with us. We have a tent to camp out in until we build a small shelter/cob house.we are so excited to meet ya’ll and contribute to the community. One love

    1. Sweetie….it is waaay to cold right now. not only to work cob with your little feetsies but to keep those same feetsies from frost bite. we are looking at a high of eight tomorrow and snow with a windchill much colde than that and a low of zero. winter is unfortunately real, even in Tennessee.

      1. Agreed, this winter is a cold one, thanks for the heads up. We can handle it though. we dont plan to build until spring. We’ve been preparing to take on this journey for months now and are ready to depart. We tried to contact you without much luck, please email or call 602 570 9735. Thank you!

  199. Hi! I’m a homeopathic practitioner who’s also working on a project using living plants for healing. I currently rent and live in Madison, Indiana. It is my dream to build a self-sustainable EarthShip, but I have few monetary resources to buy a piece of land. I’m interested to come down your way some time to visit with you guys. … Are you interested in having a healer like me in your midst??

    1. Ready when you are… There’s a few natural healers here now that would love another beautiful mind to bounce ideas off of!!!

  200. Yes ma’am there will be folks out here and, depending on the weather, we will be doing stuff. and, come to think of it, we love visitors! Feel free to call if you have questions. (615)561.9402
    See ya soon!

  201. hi friends 🙂 do any of you plan to be there the first week of January? it seems as though the wind has blown me in the direction of Nashville, and i’d love to take that as an opportunity to help out. my friend adam and i will be traveling from Nashville to you guys around the 4th.
    i know it will be cold, so we only plan to stay for a day or two but i wanted to make sure some of you will be there before we make the trek out there.

  202. Hi my name’s dutch I met pat over the summer we traveled on his bus and he told me about the land I would love to come and visit in the spring to gain further insight on your way of life on the farm and was wondering when would be the the best time
    . ~dutch~

    1. I would suggest when the weather gets warmer…the end of March is when it stops raining all the time generally. Also, we are having a ‘Get Shit Done’ party in early April you are more than welcome to attend. Check it out on our facebook page. Lots o’ love!

      Sent from my LG Mobile

  203. Sounds very interesting…
    What kinds of regulations are you subject to, as in regards to housing?

    Can anyone pitch a tent for an extended period? Build a free standing shelter?

    Also, what’s the water situation there?

    What about animal policies?

    1. Sorry for the delay in response…it seems I missed your message. we have guidelines for placemnet of housing, but not really zoning rules for small, personal shelters, although safety and longevity is definitely something to discuss. We have a well on site and use a generator to pump it. We are looking at hand pumps to cut out the genny middle man. We like animals. Dogs should remain on leash except in the woods and are their persons respnsibility. We do welcome everypne to come visit the land, however, we have found that, as a community, people need to connect well with the land goals and the folks here who have decided to make it their home. As of npw, we have decided to make a trial period of sorts for new folks to hang out, settle in and get to know people. If its not a good fit, its pretty apparent within a weekor two. we also just started charging ten dollars a week rent to support the laand payment as well as fund projects. If you have more questions, please feel free to call! (615)561.9402

      1. What if somebody wanted to live there not just stay for a week do u still hav to pay the $10 a week rent? I would love to come join and help build y’alls awesome community but I planned on doing it on the cheap

      2. Basically if you make money somehow and you live here then yes you do need to pay the rent.

  204. I was going to come there with my wife but we don’t know where you are at if you can call me at 662-643-4589 I would thank you and I could help with the med part and I also know how to do framing and other stuff if we can bring any thing we will the reason we r going to come just so you know my wife had a mischarge and now we need some where that is not as stress full as it is to stay with her family … they are the ones that caused it her cousin slammed her on the ground when she was 2 months along and we just need to be with family we traveled for the last 3 years we are in Indy now and if you know any one that’s up here and is willing to give us a ride we will gas can them for the ride …. Thank you for your time


    1. William, just found out about this awesome place. Did you ever find a ride ? I am planning to head down in July. 317-601-2529.

      Take care;

  205. Have you thought about posting a list of materials needed in the local craigslist wanted section? The free section may also have a lot of people with the materials that you need for free they just need to be picked up.

  206. I have been checking you guys out for a while now and me, my girlfriend, and my little girl were wanting to come out that way this coming spring as soon as it warms up a bit. Aside from various useful supplies we have a good sized stock of food we were gonna bring with us. Some things we were curious about are how many children stay there, do you all do the food at rainbow gatherings or do you all just go to the gatherings? I have been waiting for this moment a long time. To get away from mainstream society and be a part of a community that works to take care of itself is an amazing opportunity to me. I have a 5 yr old girl that I want more for than to just sit and learn to obey Uncle Sam. We are really chill people and we know how to grow our own food as we do it already here in Kentucky. Working and helping build things is no problem. I think we could get a lot done there and help wherever needed. Have you all ever considered or read up on humanure? Its a good way to invest in compost. We have pretty decent skills in gardening, we grew up on it so we know how to handle ourselves in self sufficiency pretty well. Would love to hear back from you thanks.

    1. Yes and yes?i am responding via touch screen phone but believe that this may be better discussed via phone? You may have been the ones who called that i have not yet called back because of holiday business and lack of reception. either way, please feel free to call me tomorrow anytime. look foward to exchanging ideas! Much love! (615)561.9402

    1. The frame is up and the roof should go on this weekend. we tarped it during the cold weather and the horsrs were so happy!

  207. Me and my beautiful wife are coming in March. Can’t wait to meet y’all. We are bringing a sawmill+ our truck. Enough seed for 12 acres of food. And if I can manage it, a wood burning kitchen stove. Also a bunch of cast iron cooking gear.Pretty sure my wife and I can cross off several things on young wish list. Peace to y’all, and see ya in the spring.
    Chris “Cajun” Anthony

    1. Sounds amazing guys! Can’t wait to meet y’all as well. Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions !
      Love you

  208. We do not condone the use f illegal substances. Tennessee is no where near a medical state. hunting is great

  209. Hey Guys we plan on visiting tomorrow. i have some things that may help out.
    Can you all use some cabinets i have some reomoved from a rehab and thought you could use them up there

  210. This place looks amazing. I think I’ve been dreaming of traveling here for the past 19 years of my life. My friend and I will be visiting you guys in the beginning of January, we will be spending most of the money we have to get here and back but if there is anything we can bring that isn’t too expensive please let us know and we happily will.

    1. Yay! Bring warm things and sone sort of shelter to stay dry and cozy. look foward to meeting y’all!

  211. i noticed you had a lot of tires laying about. i also noticed you planted potatoes. those actually go together really well. if you grow them in the tires, and as they grow, stack another tire on top and fill it with straw/compost, hundreds of potatoes will grow with minimal effort and space.

    1. Use those tires to build an Earthship! Tires need sunlight to breakdown/off gas, they don’t have this opportunity when used to build Earthships!

  212. I also suggested cob structures and from what you told someone else you have plenty of clay on your land. That is awesome. I, of course, am not in charge of what happens but I was thinking because it is so rainy during this season in Tennessee it would probably be more beneficial to build cob structures in spring/summer so they will be able to “bake” faster and harden up. If you decide to start a new project of cob structures in the spring please post it here and I will make a point to come and help even if its just a day or two. Also, I noticed some pics on your web site that had running water. Is that on The Land too? If so, do you harvest the water?

  213. hello dear folks in lafayette tn… i am over by gatlinburg and am making a plan for a visit… i can pick someone up on the way if there is anyone wanting a ride… i would like to visit in the next 2 weeks and am flexible… anyone want a ride?

    1. Can’t wait to meet you!

      I don’t know of anyone trying ti make it there from here but thanks for extending the kindness.

  214. im sorry if i just havent read enough, my name is aaron, ive done a lot of gardening, more to the point i want to do actual work and meet like minded people who believe in rbe as much as i do. I work outside everyday as a landscaper and im ready to get on the road end of october abt the 26th ill be able to come to tennessee. I can work on bringing what we need in the meantime…I just want to know if me and my friend who is also of an extremely progressive mindset will be doing the right thing by showing up at this time of year. I feel I might be a few weeks late or something. (?)

    1. Yes, of course you and your friend are welcome! You are not to late; farm life is always a work in progress. It will, however, be getting cold soon. If you want, you could give me a call with questions and such. (651)561.9402.

    2. I will be headed back there around the 26th as well! Hey if at all possible, please save me a pup!!

    3. I’m also a landscaper. It is going into winter of course…..but it might be possible to do some projects at the farm, and maybe some outside work to help fund projects. I think it would be great to start a biz…. contact me on FB to chat?

  215. Were heading your way wed. Does anyone need there? We will start in poteau,ok and the following cities will will be in are ft smith,ar,fayetteville,ar,and memphis,tn.if someone needs a ride call my cell 918-613-5517 were looking forward to meeting you. dawn

    1. oops change in route were taking 40 east through ark starting in ft smith and then 65 north in nashville,tn so if someone needs a ride again my number is 918-613-5517

      1. Thanks for the kindess. I can’t think of anyone headed this way from that way off the top of my head.Call if y’all need anything

  216. I’m thinking, still thinking about what to do this winter; I’m torn between working land and making money. I’ve had this place on my mind since I heard the good news last year. I’m wondering if there’s anyone there who’s also interested in a cob or earthbag structure…it could be a great winter project, and a hella great shelter too. I can help with no till methods too…growing plants densely and increasing yields and variety, encouraging native edibles and medicinals, but that’s for later on. I really just hope it’s a place where people are for real all about growing, and I’m interested in what’s happening here. I’m kinda hopeful about all the art and music and dancing and planting and building collaboration…god how I love it. I’ll call later.

      1. I suggested cob structures for their site too. I was wondering about building it in the winter though, especially in TN, because it is so rainy here in the fall/winter seasons. I thought I would love to come in the spring and get a big cob project going. I am not certain but I think as long as the dirt on your land has some sort of clay in it it should be ok.

    1. yes! me too!! when i go up to SU&GI come january, that was my plan to make a cob/earthbag structure (caveman status)……mainly for winter/rain but year-round… names forrest from Alabama im 21 in january

  217. Hey Kate or Patrick, Its Joey. Me, Brittany, Claire, Raven, & Molly are headed your way soon here. I have had spotty phone service/battary and so have y’all so we keep playing phone tag.

    Right now, we’re about to head to the NC beach for about a week, then I’ve got a job to do for about a week to have some funds to contribute, then I have my notwedding festival (y’all are all welcome!! its in sanford, NC)… that is oct 26th. Right after that I plan on headed your way.

    Will you guys still be there in November? It will be cold but we can tough it out..

    1. Also is there anything you need? We are bringing lots of canned food, rice, beans, things of that sort.. anything specific?

  218. Will be coming your way maybe next summer. Will try to stop by. Unfortunately I am partially disabled, but I’m a master gardener and have been growing organic my whole like (I’m 66). Annette

  219. Unpacking in Ky, Laura and I are remembering Nomad & Bear, Delta & Angie, Stinky & Star, Chico, Spanky, Kate, George, Trot, Joey, Mike, and others for a great visit and warm welcome…Thanks for taking our ‘Rainbow virginity”!
    The Drum Circle with the Barefoot Farmer was Awesome!
    SU&GI has great potential! We would like to visit a council meeting sometime. We will come back in the spring for a few days. I’d like to bring some stuff and build yall a (cobb?) bathhouse (Laura’s idea) with some volunteers., I have a trailer and some windows, plumbing stuff, and more.
    We’re hoping Delta stops in on the way to Illinois. I would love to catch another drum circle before I have to dig in for winter!
    If any of yall are in the Loo-uh-vul area, hit us up for directions or catch us on facebook.

    1. Aw shucks! It was mighty nice meeting the both of you! Thanks so much for the visit…y’all are welcome back anytime. 🙂

  220. Hi,
    My husband Robert and I are planning on heading your way in either oct or nov. We live in Oklahoma and if anyone needs a ride have them contact us and stay here until we go or we can meet them on our way there. 918-613-5517. Were just waiting for the sale of our house and buying an rv before setting out. We have tools and a bunch of the things on your need/wish list were bringing with us. Is your list updated? We want to make sure we can bring as much as we can with us. We also will have an car and possibly an minivan coming with us so we can help give rides to those who need it. How far are you from the nearest town? TTYL

    peace and love,

    1. the list is updated and the town of lafayette is about 9 miles out ….good luck and travel safe

  221. Hey patrick, I lost your number and need to get in touch, this is Joey we spoke a bit ago about me and some friends coming had a few hour phone conversation swapping ideas… give me a call 919 777 3490 leave a voicemail if phone is off, getting ready to head out here pretty soon in a few weeks I think.. quit my job, so yeah!!

      1. Elijah “cub bear” told me I should swing by and check u guyz out. try 2 get thre soon peace and love 2 all!!!

  222. Hello, was recommended to your page from The Rainbow Family Florida Facebook. Kinda nervous talking to yous, but that’s part of why your project interests me.

    I’m 24 years old, lived in Florida most of my life. I just find that time, and time again this society seems to fail me. I feel different then everyone I know, I see in a way most don’t. I find a lot of things in this world to be really ugly, and wrong, and am looking for a new way of living.

    I’m a very Very peaceful person, I rarely show anger. I tend to be a bit shy, although I’ve been working my whole life to fix this. I love literally all forms of art. I have millions of ideas, for millions of things. I like to think of myself as more of a creatorist then an artist. I like to make art that makes people think, wonder, and inspires them. I’m a bit of a philosopher, I constantly wonder about all things around me. I’m very intelligent, spiritual, and a Christian although I have a very unique set of Christian beliefs.

    I’ve just felt myself growing more, and more tired of how this world is made to stifle creativity, individualism, and hope. I’d like to learn new things, meet great people, and help others.

    So I’ve decided if my life still seems to be going nowhere, and I’m not in college by the time I turn 25 (May 17th) I would like to leave society, and try something new, and hopefully a lot of good will come from it.

    I’d like to know more about the daily goings on, the people who stay here, the artistic aspects of everything, and what I could do to prepare for such a change as to joining your fascinating project.

    1. You should definitely give me a call sweets. much tooo much to type via phone :), let me know if that doesn’t work for you. love!

      1. Is this Kate Miller? The one who suggested me to this site?
        I saved your number, I’ll likely call sometime next month.

        Found out I have a good friend who lives near by and claims to know someone who stays at the Shut Up & Grow It named Douge.

    2. hey brother this is ninuk out of Orlando FL interested in going up 2 TN 2 grow it. I need a ride would love 2 share transmissions w/ u 2 try 2 work something out, if u aren’t already there. Blessings of Peace and Love.

  223. hey everyone, my names Austin. So i posted on here a while back about coming to check out what you guys have goin on but as you can see I backed out. But now I’ve made the decision again and this time I’m more prepared. I plan on dipping out of my town and hitting the road by bicycle simply because i’ve felt the strong urge to leave and see somewhere new for a while now. I have a friend who rides cross country on his bike and his success makes me want to do the same. I’m gonna bring just the essentials such as some lightweight shelter, food, my bike and guitar and whatever money i have from my final paycheck. I plan on constructing some sort of shelter when I get there, possibly a small cob structure? Idk but i’ll have plenty of time to think about it on the ride down. I’m hoping to leave sometime early september once I’ve collected all of my gear.

    1. Hurray! Sounds lovely ma dear. give a call with any questions. my number is on here somewheres! Love you!

  224. I didn’t mean to read Every post. But I did. Didn’t mean to see Every pic but I did! 🙂
    I like the comment “Seeing people DO things rather than just talking about it.”

    I’d love to come visit. If (when) I do I’ll post here, driving from Rhode Island so maybe someone needs a ride?

    It’s Aug. 22 now, so maybe in a few weeks I’ll be coming by.


    1. Hmmmm….they all love fruit, granola bars…..really just healthy snack foods. they eat everything we do. Love you brother!

    2. I replied to a seperate post by accident there. we would LOVE to have you come. can’t even wait!

    3. hey, when you heading down, I might need a ride from lower Illinois if you can, ill have money to help with gas.

  225. Trying to get together a grocery list for y’all to drop off sometime this weekend.What all are you needing the most. Get a list together and let me know. Liv n luv family.

    1. You are so sweet!We can always use brown rice, dry beans, eggs, cheese, onions, garlic, peppers, all purpose flour, cream of mushroom soup, brocolli, fruit, coffee!!!, salt and pepper, creamer…..basics really. we have no cold storage here so do all the special styff on a day by day. i have heard so much good about you. Can’t wait to meet you myself!!

      1. Sweet thank you ill get all the goodies together and drop it off sun or Monday. How bout the kiddos do they need anything just let me know ill be happy to get them what they need.luvin y’all!

  226. Just got back from shut up and grow it. I have to say the people are just as beautiful as the land.Patrick thanks for the invite brother.Sorry I missed you everyone was great.Squerrel gave me a tour of the circle and Hunter showed me the waterfall.My little girl Trinity loved it.The kids there are super intelligent.Chico was super chill also everyone was really nice.i look forward to spending more time on the farm and helping out in any way I can.hopefully I can get the rv down there Soon but until then I’m just gonna pitch in and help whenever I can.I encourage anyone who loves people peace and nature to make a trip over to shut up and grow up really a good atmosphere.peace and love.


  228. Just sent you a donation. Im in fla. My man is an amputee but I can do his share. We dint have a working car, but im trying to come see how its going. How bad are the summers? Hows the water n crops? Any crime? Is there a bathing area for those that cant stand?

  229. Peace and love family.My names River I walked by your kitchen near kiddie village at the gathering last year.Seems like you guys had something good going.Im a single dad of a 2 year old I’ll girl.Im a manger at a casino in Franklin Kentucky about forty minutes from you all. I have always considered coming out but wasn’t sure how you all felt about someone holding down a nine to five and being part of your community. As much as I’d like to say fuck Babylon and live off the land I do have a child that has necessities so in saying that is that something that y’all would welcome.i could donate money’s buy supplies help build shit and give rides to town for those who needed them in my downtime, I’m shooting a documentary on rastafarian living in Jamaica next week but would love to come visit and be a part of the dream with you all.

    1. Hi River we don’t care if you have a job or not we would love to meat you. You sound like good people and you live close so that’s cool. Come on out any time.

      1. Gonna swing by Friday to get a feel for things looking fowad to meeting you all. Peace and love Family!

  230. Just got off the phone with someone in charge up there! You all are so sweet and nice! I cant wait to visit/make the move! I will be proud to call The Land my home 🙂 Namaste! ❤
    -Stephani Jo.

  231. We’re going to be heading down in two weeks! WhoooooOOOOT! We have a couple things that we need to keep dry while we’re putting up a structure (thinking cob house…you likey?!?!) These things are guitars and djembe and a wee bit of clothing and foodies and tools….is there a shed-type building that could fit a small ammount of things…or should we think more along the lines of getting a storage spot in town?
    Also, our goat is now pregnant! This means more goats in Jan. and then milk to share after the kids wean! Yay!
    Anything else we should be thinking about before we come down? We’re so excited to join y’all and start co-creating! Mad love to you all!
    LOve love love! Momma Bear Lotus

    1. Ya we have dry storage and a cob house is way cool…it’s hot here so be ready for that. Is there anything we should do to get ready to have a goat here?

      1. the goat should be fine till we have the opportunity to put up an enclosure for her. We used to let her freerange till she discovered that our front porch was fun to eat… we usually put her on a good 50 foot leash and loop it over a fence post, moving her around every few days so she can get prime grazing. She usually sleeps in our chicken coop at nighttime. our family is very excited to come and dig in with you all and contribute and share our love and efforts. we have been doing the farm thing and moving towards self sufficiency for some time now and this land sounds like a wonderful opportunity to be a part of something special with our wider family! we are bringing lots of tools and some useful knowledge, and cant wait to share and learn with other likeminded folks. Also, please let the young one know that my oldest son is very eager to meet and befriend him! Much love and light…

  232. Hi my name is Dawn. Me and my husband Robert would like to check out your community and possibly stay. I am disabled and cannot walk far will this be a problem? I have experience in the medical field and a business management degree.My husband is also disabled but not as bad as me. Were older people but feel we can contribute in some way.

    1. Hi dawn it’s hard to say if you’d like it out here or not. I would say come and check it out.

  233. Hey TN family! Beautiful what you all are doing there! Would love to network with you about start-up intentional community building. We are doing the same here in New Mexico. We are New Dawn Project It is great to be two points – east and west – to offer what we both seem to be doing. ALL LOVE & LIGHT!

  234. hello, sounds like a cool thing going on, i work on a everything farm in massachusets, we shut down for a few months in the winter time and i want to bring my family consisting of my wife and 6 month old daughter on a brief vacation. I’d would be able to exchange work for our stay. How cold does it get down there in the winter? has anyone ever brought a baby there so young? what kind of setup would you suggest for habitation? we’d only stay breifly but i’m learning a lot about farming and would like to learn more/give any advice or info i’ve learned and just see how others are getting along in off the grid situations which is something i’d like to start on land my family owns up here.

    1. I have drills, jig saw, circular saw, garden tools shovels, rakes, other tools for and the tools we could need to fix a car engine….knowledge for mechanics and organic gardening, a im moving from North California..i would love chance to live life with people who are kind and have kind motives…

    2. it gets down to the teens but people have stayed in busses and small buildings with wood burning stoves and bin fine even with little ones

  235. another room/area you could add is a dance/yoga/fitness studio. I teach belly dancing, yoga, and fitness style pole dancing and it would be cool to have a place (area with floor matts) to teach and learn with everyone including children.

  236. Hello! We are planning on joining you in a month or month and a half, and staying for at least a year. My family consists of mySelf, husband, 2 wonder-full sons, our not-milking-at-the-moment goat, 3 dogs, and one chicken. We have a couple questions!
    My oldest son wants to know how many younlings are about. Are you homeschooling too! We are and he’s excited to learn with some other kiddos!
    One of our dogs is a sweet, mellow, loving 6 yearold boy…but, he is not “fixed”. Would that create a problem?
    I saw your chickens in one of the photos, so I don’t suppose ours would be a nuisance to house….but, are there other livestock? Is there a spot to keep a goat, or would we be best off trying to bring something that we could build her a shed with?
    Our Vision is to be self-sustaining, and to build many earthbuildings. We have experience working in the dirt with both gardening and building, and are excited to contribute by helping in these areas with you all (if that is a common Vision, of course).
    We are all excited to join this community, and to set the tone of Light & Love with y’all! Thank you for lighting the Way Home!
    See you soon come!

    1. there is one kid right now and people with kids pass thru. dogs are welcome but if they chase horses run through gardens or tare up trash too much people might get upset so be responsible with them. chickens and goats are welcome we might have to build a pin for the goat but that’s not a problem there are plenty of materials to do that… sounds like we do share a common vision. i would love for you to come out and help shape it .

  237. I want to know where it is, so I can check it out after rainbow. Can someone please send me the location?

    1. Who all is working on this now? is there anyone heading it? Would love to meat and talk with them

  238. OK What is up with the sex offender issue… this address is owned by a sex offender..

    1. Working on it… Todd Alan kurth came through last year and stayed for about a week …in that time he apparently registered . Haven’t seen or heard from him since and he isn’t welcome back . The land is in my name witch is Patrick H Martin ….this land is a family friendly place …and we are working on getting the registration removed.

      1. Oh gosh well you know what they say when you assume i feel like an ass now. If you could delete my previous post that would be very much appreciated! But on the same note, how do you really know whose coming on your land? How are you preventing people like Todd Kurth from showing up? Are you doing a background check on the people you let live on your land? If you aren’t I think you should. Also how many women are there right now? I plan on coming down there in August but i fear i will feel really awkward and intimidated if it’s just a bunch of guys there. As I’m not very comfortable around guys, I’ve been pretty sheltered my whole life, here i go rambling though sorry. heh. Also what is the set-up there when it comes to hygiene and such. Is there an outhouse? some type of makeshift shower? makeshift washer? ect..

      2. Yes I agree with Arista I have many funds (can possibly swing by with a few grand) and am looking to either buy my own land and begin this or come and talk with y’all and see what you’ve got going on. But I too am concerned about who you’ve got coming through your land – many weird and dangerous folks come through the rainbow road… Do you plan to keep this as open once you begin thriving (not to not be open to newbs but a bit more safe -maybe wwoofers or the group meeting the people first?

        I know these are a lot of ideas for new comers but this is in the beginning stages and before I come and pour my life energy into something I want to make sure its the right thing.

      3. Even though we have bin going for 5 years we are still just geting started. So no we dont do backround checks but if the people staying here want to do that then they could. There are 4 girls here right now. The land will always be open to travelers weather they stay or not will depend on what the people on the land think of them. So if you where staying here and someone showed up that you didn’t like, for whatever reason, then you would call a council with the other people staying there and fix it. If you have a problem with someone that is also living there same thing but they are part of the council. If at any time the people staying on the land decide they want to start screening people that’s fine …….we do have a shower and outhouse and I was just talking about how we need place to wash clothing.

    2. Child safety is a HUUUUUGE deal to me. I have 4 kids of my own. They don’t live there yet but I’m working on that. So the safety of little ones is priority #1 as far as I’m concerned.

  239. Hi, This sounds like an amazing project you have going, I am from the UK, but would be more than happy to help in any way i can. How can i find out more details, If this is as good as it sounds to be, You can count a new member. Look forward to hear from you. Thanks, If it is not possible to get out to you i would be happy to promote your project. So i can still help in some sense, I am also a producer/composer and would be more than happy to help in promoting a message if it is the right message through the music also. Look forward to hear from you and thanks.

    1. ya if you can promote us that would be great …i would like for every one that mite be interested in this to know about it …if for no other reson then to get them thinking.

  240. I have a couple of questions…
    do you have any permanent living structures ie a house or plan to build any? if you dont, are u opposed to permanent residents building small rainproof structures to sleep in?
    Do you use any electricity/plumbing? how do you pay for it?
    do you charge rent to live anywhere on the land (in a tent or in a building)?
    i know of a few farms where folks live permanently but are expected to spange as a homeless person daily, is this like that?
    are there any children who live there permanently, and have you had any trouble with CPS if there are?
    are folks given their own plots to farm and then share/trade their crops or is it everyone working on the same plots and sharing everything?
    Is there commonly a drinking party going on (like every night) or not so much on the drinking?
    lots of different setups for different kinds of communes out there… my husband and i are pregnant so weve got to stop traveling for a few years but we dont want to just get jobs and become cogs in the system… i could spend a year touring all the farm communes in the country, easier to just ask what its like day to day there. we dont have any gardening experience but its been my dream to eventually start our own farm in order to donate fresh food to gatherings and help move rainbow out of walmart and of course that starts with learning how to do everything. we did run a kitchen for a short time at the gatherings (we were next door to shut up and eat it in ocala this year), taking baby steps… first learn what the gatherings need, then learn how to provide it… anyway, we love u guys and what youre doing.

    1. Chris what’s your problem anyway? We were nothinf but kind to you. Yes we have a few people out there that drink daily but it’s not an issue. And those two people alone are the ones who fly frequently. Others that fly do it for land resources.

    2. I was more concerned with the “can we build a little rainproof structure” and “does cps pose a problem for the children living there” questions anyway… is there any way i could get more info about this other than hitching my pregnant ass up there?

    3. first of sorry for not responding sooner …… there is no houses we are working on building a barn and have plans to build a community house…any one is welcome to build a structure….there is no power pole we have a few solar panels for charging things and a generator that we use to power the well. there is no rent and your not expected to do anything besides contribute in some way and try to get along with the other people there. we have had no problems with cps yet. the land is for ever one to use you can start a plot any where there isn’t something already going or you can talk to other people there and help on the projects… we do allow drinking but this is not a party spot or a state. so its ok if you drink if you are also productive and really this place needs to be family friendly so not so much on the drinking. would love for you guys to come check it out.

  241. Hey my names Forrest I live in alabama I meet y’all in Nashville after a bob weir show last year we bought grill cheeses from yalls bus, anyway Im 20 looking to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING IN AND FOR THIS FUCKED UP WORLD! I’m trying to find myself/god and yall seem to be where its at for me! i gotta get away from this “system” we call society and the american dream is just BS parpaganda to consume things we dont need and basically since I met y’all in Nash I’ve decided my life path and to become self reliant in the woods/farm i hav everything i need and i extra but I would love to join if possible I hav nothing holding me here and commune life and yalls group of space cadets seem like my poeple and commune life seems beautiful being with like minded cats…..and I will work and work hard whatever the job

  242. Is there any internet or cell service onsite, or do you have to go into town?

  243. Is anyone growing cannabis? .. any Law experts? Sovereignty? …these are some of my specialties.. also music, gardening, cooking, child supervision, old folk care.. and natural cures… Perhaps someone wishes to travel with me from California in my van pulling an enclosed trailer?… around November? ….video of me and my garden last year…

    1. I cannot believe this. I put the energy out there in the universe when my companion died in January. He was my twin soul, and taught me so many great things. But we had a farm,,,an mmj indoor farm, and we helped other growers with plants, and our plan was to get the land this year. When he passed I was disillusioned that I would be alone in this quest, but determined not let his dream, or mine, die with him.
      I would love to travel with you and become part of this movement. It is EVERYTHING we talked about doing, self sustaining, community, helping travelers and the like. Currently inTucson,,,after having 20 strains on my farm I am down to 6 but looking forward to my outdoor grow,,,it has been a while. Please, I hope I am not too late in seeing this, anxiously waiting your response..
      Blessed Be. Christine

      1. Thanks Christine… i have no solid plan yet… so please stay in touch on this forum… i am shakey ground now.. and still waiting for a reply from someone who is part of this group to see how they feel about cannabis and being sovereing and denying the existence of the state aentirely.. even if it means we have to stand up to the alleged feds… we can do that intelligently and claim sovereignty… the highest authority… (I have already laid this ground work), which i can also instruct people on … legal vs lawful

      1. And we can’t be more serious about that. If you even attempt to grow anything illegal it will be destroyed and you will be asked to leave. No exceptions.

      2. I mean to say people instead of you. That’s not directed at anyone specific.

    2. Earthica, please contact me directly,,sounds like we hit a hot topic button and would like to talk with you privately. There may be some land in Colorado that would be better suited for ‘our’ needs. At least there you only have to be an adult to enjoy any and all herbs you feel like growing. Light and love, Christine,

  244. Hey y’all my name is Neil from bama.My brother,a friend and I wanted to come in a couple of weeks help out in whatever way we can.

  245. so how many people are at the land now?…..are you guys headed out for nationals…..i was there last year after nationals…with jeremy and my son….were coming out again in a few weeks or so…..any children out there?…..any RV/buses for sale!?!….lovin you

    1. 14 rigth now and we are not going to nationals. yes there are a few kiddies and as for busses all of the ones we have are full but there may be a few in the area that are cheap

  246. Hello everyone,my name is Roy.I am getting ready to come join you.I did send an email directly to notify you.I live East of Dayton,Ohio near 35 and 675.I’m looking for a ride if I’m not too far out of someones way.Lafayette is only 4-6 hours drive from me.I will walk or hitchhike if I have to.I would like to leave in the next few days if possible.I am unable to wait much longer than that.I will respect you and your vehicle.I should only have 2-3 bags of please get ahold of me at if you can swing by and pick me up.I might stop by a friends further South in Franklin/Carlisle area by I-75 this weekend or beginning of the week,might be a better place for someone to pick me up.Well I gotta go for now,I just spotted some geese out back.Smoked goose will make an awesome dinner.Take care everybody.

  247. I’ve been working on finding somewhere just like this to move for some time now. I have a 6 year old daughter, are there many other children? In any case, I am currently heading toward Ashville and will be coming back down and through TN and I would reaaaaaally like to take a stop and visit. Meet everyone! If everything works out you’ll have a lifer on your hands! Much love to you all, see ya around the bend!

  248. Greetings, I used to live in a commune back in the seventies out in Colorado, ever hear of Sunrise Ranch in Loveland? Our group had a town in BC called 100 Mile House. I am older, and not sure I am ready for roughing it again, but I certainly am glad you are doing this. Got bylaws, and any kind of way of accounting for people’s sweat equity? Curious cause I left after seven years back then with just the shirt on my back.

    1. Not really any bylaws, as such, but we definitely pay attention to who’s doing what and who’s not doin much

  249. So glad to see people actually doing something instead of just talking about it. See you in may.


  250. Hope you folks have had better weather up there than down here in Shelby County. Cold weather seeds just went in the ground, weeks behind schedule, due to the soggy conditions we’ve had.

    Getting ready to pot up tomato, pepper and herb starts, we’ll have extras in another month or so. All open pollinated heirlooms. We can share if you need/want some starts and somebody can come get them.

    Still have the extra coal/hardwood forge and a small anvil if you are looking for one. And still happy to help teach folks heading for your farm, at no cost to them.

    Ticks are out and about here, so anybody staying on your farm needs to remember to check self/each other after doing anything near brush or timber (including high grass).

    Best of luck and happy farming.

    1. Thank you we would love some starts I’m running a bit late. myself but will let you know when I can get them

      1. Only have about 30 spare tomato plants right now, and they have got to get in the ground soon. Potting up more this evening and starting a few more varieties.

        And if you folks want to add some nut trees, pecan and black walnut starts re looking decent. Be happy to toss a few your way.

        This next week looks to be warm enough to get some work done. Was at Memphis in May yesterday (Saturday) and it felt more like Seattle in February…

        Good luck, stay warm and dry.

  251. Hello everyone from shutupandgrowit, my name is Austin and I thought I’d comment here and let you know I’m extremely interested in becoming a part of what you folks are doing! I’m just your average 19 year old dude from NE Ohio planning on hitting the road this summer. My main goal is to see as much of the country as I can and to meet as many like minded people as possible.
    I’ve recently become very inclined to live as self-sufficiently as possible. Im interested in the practices of organic gardening and permaculture. I plan on hoofing it down to Tennesee sometime late this month or early March, bringing only a small backpack with some necessities, a tent, sleeping bag and my guitar.
    Basically I’m writing this to inform you of my intent to come and see what you guys are all about. I’m more than willing to put my time and labor into helping to further the community you’re creating. please email me at with anything you feel I should know. Also if there’s anyone reading this that plans to head south from my area and wants to collaborate, shoot me an email as well.
    I look forward to hearing from you and introducing myself in person! Cheers 🙂

  252. Hello all, for now I am heading to Austin, TX to try to save up some cash, gather some gear/supplies and possibly a few people to bring out to the farm. I should be out there in time for March so that I can help get some seeds in the ground. By the way, what kinds of seeds should I bring out with me?

  253. Hey guys,

    I have been trying to reach all of you. I have a guy who interested in helping build up the land. He has a few questions. about it tho. Contact me.

  254. Just saw what you folks are trying to do up there. Our family has a small pecan/produce farm (54 acres) NE of Memphis. If you need raw timber, fence posts (wooden) or such be sure and let me know. About 20 acres of our place is reverting to native woodland (not by choice), you are welcome to tree seedlings, logs, wild foods, etc.

    We have roughly 2 acres in gardens, if it goes like the last 2 years there will be a lot of surplus produce. All we’d ask is a bit of help with getting it to people who need it. We can only eat, can or sell so much in any given time frame.

    Weekends we allow some light recreational use of the area around the pond (2 acres). Low impact only, pack it in pack it out, very limited amenities. Pagan friendly, family friendly, naturist friendly.

    1. You’re about 200 miles north east of us. If you have any associates in west TN (Tipton, Shelby, Fayette or Lauderdale counties, or just passing through) heading your way they can swing by and get some materials for you. I do have a spare (tiny) forge and anvil (25 pounder). Can’t deliver as my back is only good for 40 miles or so at a time, then the legs shut down.

      Can teach at our farm and send your way.

  255. Happy to send a copy of my book to all of you and visit with you as well. Love to see what you’re doing with the land….check out my book on Kindle and if you want a printed copy let me know….helpful info and ideas for urban situations and small spaces but functional in many settings. Blessings to all of you from North Carolina. Here’s the link:

  256. wish I had known about this before leaving the south, looks like a wonderful place to visit. Good to know you are there!

  257. Hey everybody, I’m heading to Shut Up and Grow It this Saturday, looking forward to meeting everybody there. Much Love 🙂

      1. I don’t know yet, but I plan to bring a motor tiller, 225 yamaha enduro for small supplies in town, and venturing the area, books on wild edibles, trees, flowers ect., tools, and I would really like to help build a sweatlodge. I would say, at least until Wisconsin winter is over.

      1. Sorry I can’t help with the truck in Chi-town, I’m going to be in Wisconsin until the 22nd. Maybe longer, depending on the chain of events.

      2. I know its a few weeks later so hopefully yall got it fig’d out, but I’m from a couple hrs west of Chi and was wonderin what was up w/ the truck there? Does it need driven somewhere? Or work done to it? Or has it been handled?

  258. Has anyone encountered a 16 year old runaway from Knoxville named Wil Goldthwaite? He may have run away of he may have been abducted by an adult man from Florida named Ethan. Please contact me if you know where he is? His mother is going crazy with worry. Thank you.

    Jeff –

  259. ran into a guy named Elijah (cub bear) and he told me about this place gonna head up soon as i get ticket. lookin for some Peace and try to spread some as well. one love !!!

  260. Hey patrick,jimi,ayla,mike…this is “d”…I lost my phone and contacts.please get up with me at spacecowboy369 or4065894935.i was in mt but currently in idaho.if anyone else reads this and knows a working #for these folk,Please let me know before ihead back east in a few days.thanks

  261. I have been to two national gatherings and Shut Up and Eat It has always been my breakfast lunch and dinner. I’m really excited about this whole concept. I would love to come out in the summer and help build the place up. I have built homes before and since I’m 22 I have plenty of energy. At some point I’d probably even live out there full time and help cultivate the land! This is great, truly inspiring

  262. Wow. I had a dream once about a farm with Shut Up folks on it… I met the bus/kitchen at a holding camp in 2004 before nationals. I never felt more at home or more at ease than I was with your kitchen. I can’t wait to see the farm. I’ll see what I can get you from your wishlist in a few weeks here when my filthy lucre (check) arrives in the mail.

  263. Hey we are truckers from Wisconsin. Just saw the bus from Tn in yakima Wa. Donated 15 gallons diesel fuel to get them to gathering in oregon. Today is aug 16 . Travis told mr it started Tomm. Turns out we r headed that wau in r si too. Where is the gathering???plz tell us so we can stop too!

  264. Hey guys. It’s Matt (that guy from massachusetts that camped with the kitchen the last couple nationals). I’m curious what gathering the bus is headed to next. A central Vermont regional is coming together up here. I would love to see you guys come up, and of course could help out with the kitchen if you do. Let me know.

    1. Hi Matt, are you from Vermont? My wife and I moved up here a few years ago in hopes of finding our tribe but so far have not had any luck. Not to say we haven’t found nice people to be around but just not quite the right fit. Is there a gathering coming up here soon?

      1. I’m from Western Mass. There is usually a Vermont regional or a Maine regional, both during the latter half of the summer. They’re usually pretty small.

  265. Howdy from Texas folks! I reckon I’ll be heading your way pretty soon if y’all still need some manpower. I’m 24 and have spent most of my life living and working on ranches. I was the assistant operations manager for an all natural cattle ranch up until last year when we shut down due to drought. I have experience raising and tending lots of different animals. I also am familiar with basic carpentry, plumbing, and making things grow. I can operate farm equipment too! I’m a really laid back cowboy and I really dig on what y’all have going on… Anyway, love you guys!!!

  266. so we have a like 25 good kids out here and are geting a lot of stuff dun but the more the beter so come on out and check this shit out its prity awesome

  267. hey my names little runaway i’m a single man with a van and a few things i’ll be there after the gathering i’m 27 so i’m young and some what able to help build i also got some mechanical skills and done framing i got a few tools i get a little bit of money every month that i can use to help but am looking for a possible place to call home and to help build something and be apart of something and to grow something i dont get routy much and a pretty peaceful soul that been shun by society i just want to live happy and in peace i can’t wait to get there!!!!!!!!

  268. i cant wait till the gathering. after that im coming to help the farm any way i can. im sure there is a ton of weeding to be done. cant fuck n wait.

  269. Hello again. I’ve been looking over wild edibles and noticed from the satelite photo of the area that there are lots of trees. I thought I’d post this list about some of the uses of various trees. Might come in handy in a pinch. Some I hear aren’t that bad when boiled. I am talking about the bark here. Nothing in the excess as to kill them. Plus its best not to strip bark the circumfrence but rather up and down its length. Of course a lot of people doing it in one area over a prolonged period of time probably wouldn’t be such a good idea either. Like I said, in a pinch.
    There are poisonous varieties too so be careful.

    1. Don’t strip bark from the trunks of trees, period! Cut a small branch and use that bark. Save the tree.

  270. Hey fam! ….I. was wondering a few things. How is the land for children. is there alot of children there?….safe surroundings?…what about buildings?….is it all camping. What is the deal about in town…big city or small town? Is it frowned upon if someone was to have a job in town? Is the spring actually drinkable or we going to have to boil it all. And is there any power sources at all?…and I’m assuming out houses right? And what is everyday life there for people there???….I don’t have a personal goal to want to plant…but id love to help…and ya know I just can’t bring a tractor out there…but what realistic things could I bring down for help…tarps and wrenches?…..and bulk food?..I have next to nothing…..except a loving spirit…Im rich with that….more than likly come and check you guys out after nationals….loving you

    1. there are a few children and its prity safe there are buss’s people stay in …its a small town but we have a super wall mart so its not that small…its not frowned on if people get jobs …the spring is drinkable and we have bin drinking out of the well too we have soler panels and a genarater and there is a outhouse … you should bring what you need to live off the land ..bulk food is good

  271. Hey guys how’s things ? I was wanting to ask what kind of water you have there? Creek, well, city, etc. I am currently unemployed so am on a budget but trying to raise a little cash by getting rid of a jupiter sax and some electronics gear I don’t use any more. I could get an ax and a woodsman’s saw that would be real handy for working wood. Bark stripping and such. Some trees have very nutritious inner bark. I live up near St. Louis right now so I’d have to spend some bucks to get there. My old 97 dakota has seen better days but might make it. I just saw a video on Youtube that pretty much tells you how to make thatched hutches. You need lots of tall grass though. Plus the smaller limbs for the arches. Pretty easy and functional. There are ways of making bug repellent, especially mosquitos, with pine oil, yarrow, camphor oil and pennyroyal plant. Northerners have been using it for years for flies as well as mosquitos. I thought I could try my hand at making some if the raw ingredients were readily available. Here are a couple of interesting links I thought could be helpful. One is for a seven dollar book at Amazon that shows how to garden without having to use a tiller or much digging. I may purchase that myself and bring it with me if I decide to come down. The second is how to use wire mesh to plant potatoes without digging. The last one is one of the coolest reference libraries for plants I’ve ever seen on the net. Lots of wild edible descriptions and ways to cook them.
    My Blessings


  272. Hey anyone there from the commune in st johns az. Or is that one still functioning

  273. Hey i just left the property to rescue a friend in colorado n got ditched if anyone is headin that way and able to hit up denver me and sarah need a ride home i can cum up wit gas and watever 754 2040710 ask for stoney

  274. I am SO Fing proud of u guys!!!!!! My heart n soul are smilin w true joy! we are goin cross country this summer- maybe we will b able 2 come thru and donate some time and green thumbs/ strong backs etc…. 🙂 lovin n missin u!!! Blessed Be your Beautiful Project!

  275. Hay guys! I just want to tell you that you look and sound LOVELY and All my Heart is with you! 😀 I’m the Witch of Ferndale Hill Farm and i’m glad i saw your page on Occupy Farms FB page. Much ❤ And I will probably/definitely/hopefully visit and work with you someday!

  276. 5/5/2012
    My first trip out to the farm . Walked the creek,put up a tarp roof for the new kitchen, helped prepare land for planting,met up with some old friends,and made love under the stars and super moon. I’ve eaten like a queen and scrubbed laundry in a wash tub. This is what living is.

  277. You guys are doing great! i wandered where nic and carter went off to.. 😀

  278. pirate supports your efforts to make your wourld a better place:} when the gathering is done. i will be willing to give some time to shut up and build some masonery. save your rocks?if u run into any bricks a can build a cob oven for u:]

  279. was up lookin good fam patric you makin any thing out of that grass bro mug and gras is a good building medium for walls see you soo as i can lovin ya

  280. If you guys are considering getting a tractor I would suggest building one per the Open Source Ecology project’s designs.

    1. Second that. Helping to create the Global Village Construction Set has been my dream since watching the extremely exciting TED talk about the project (link below). Moving to TN soon will certainly make my way over hopefully after nationals as it sounds like there will be a decent crew influx.